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Woman fishing near U Bein Bridge, Amarapura's by el2995

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information about burma  AmarapuraBurma, Mandalay
A good deal of the lake that the weathered teak U Bein Bridge spans is quite shallow around November, so I saw a lot of fishermen (and fisherwomen...or would that be 'fisherpersons'?) wading a fair distance out from the shore with their fishing poles, and at times mingling with the boats that fished the lake with a combination of poles and nets. I watched as two fishermen in their boat positioned not far from the bridge struggled to remove a large water snake from their fishing net, which first required hitting it several times with a length of tree branch (not a very Theravada Buddhist thing to do) before grabbing by the tail and flinging it into some tall reeds. Walking the bridge was quite pleasant, though it's best to do it in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not so hot.
Uploaded: Nov, 14 2007 | Taken: Nov, 21 2006| Viewed: 161 times  | 5 votes
Camera: CASIO COMPUTER CO.,LTD. | Model: EX-S600 | Exposure 1/500s | FLength: 6mm | SW: 1.00

rangutan - Nov, 14 2007 09:11pm
Brilliantly shot, well thought composition and timing [4.55]

marianne - Nov, 15 2007 01:11pm
How do you know she is a woman?

saba - Jan, 23 2008 07:01pm
I love the way you've seen this .. from top.

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