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Typical Galician cruceiro's by isaacmolina

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information about spain  LugoSpain
Cruceiros are widespread in the crossroads of Spain, Britain and Ireland. They are made on stone carved with the Cross, the Piety, or the Fifth Sorrow
Uploaded: Mar, 26 2006 | Taken: Jan, 30 2006| Viewed: 32 times  | 7 votes

mortimer - Mar, 27 2006 01:03am
Too sad that the cross lies in the shadow and is only a silhouette, or was this intentional? Otherwise a flash would have helped.

marianne - Mar, 27 2006 03:03am
That is the big problem when taking tavel photos. The sun is never in the right position, and usually it is impossible to go back to the same place later in the day, or next morning

downundergal - Mar, 27 2006 03:03am
It is one of those difficult things but I still think the contrasting blue sky & landscape with the dark shadow still makes the photo work.

terje - Mar, 27 2006 04:03am
I agree with you Kerrie. Maybe the fifth sorrow always lies in the shadow? :-)

marianne - Mar, 27 2006 04:03am
Here is a little experiment. I made the shadows in your photo lighter.
You can see it in my travel log

mortimer - Mar, 27 2006 04:03am
I agree Marianne, but if the photographer gets out of automatic mode he can set the flash to go off and have the column brighter. A flash in daylight is not very common but effective.

terje - Mar, 27 2006 04:03am
Marianne, you are clever! :-) I agree with you that some of the mystics disappear in your version.

marianne - Mar, 27 2006 05:03am
I absolutely agree about the flash. That's what I would have done in the circumstance. On the other hand I like the mysterious dark blue of the original.

mortimer - Mar, 27 2006 05:03am
Marianne, did you notice the question mark in my first post? When looking at your correction I find that the column isn't in that good a shape and just the silhouette might be more interesting.

marianne - Mar, 27 2006 06:03am
Sure I noticed your question mark, but thought it a nice experiment.

fiestychick3 - Oct, 24 2006 12:10pm
very creepy not something i would like to have a picture of

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