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Kocatepe Mosque's by madness

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information about turkey  AnkaraTurkey, Ankara
in Ankara
Uploaded: Oct, 21 2007 | Taken: Jul, 04 2007| Viewed: 33 times  | 10 votes
Camera:  Canon IXY DIGITAL 900 IS | Exposure 1/320s, f5.7 | FLength: 4mm | SW: Picasa 3.0

marianne - Oct, 21 2007 11:10am
Perfect colours and compostition

madness - Oct, 22 2007 05:10pm
thank you Marianne, it is the biggest mosque in Ankara I think

marianne - Oct, 24 2007 05:10am
I don't understand why this is rated only 3*

madness - Oct, 24 2007 01:10pm
Marianne, some members are always doing this, i wish to see the list of those ones, but actually I dont care, in the past I had some argue with racist members in globo, maybe they re giving as a revenge, so funny indeed:)Thank you for your consideration.

horourke - Oct, 25 2007 07:10am
I cannot understand why the identity of the person voting is not shown. The rating is shown beside the comments on reports and the identity of the voter is clear.
Why not print the votes in the comment section of each photo NOW?

angmokio - Oct, 25 2007 03:10pm
There are optical distortions. Left tower looks leaning which it most likely isn't.
I am no racist and i don't know what arguments you had. But you use Globo for very questionable political statements. You should be careful with calling ppl racists.

madness - Oct, 25 2007 04:10pm
I dont need your recommendations, and you re not an active member in globo and dont know anything about previous discussions, continue giving low rates, I don't care...

angmokio - Oct, 25 2007 04:10pm
Who said i give a low rate? I gave a helpful statement. Such problems in a picture can get solved. I already said I don't know those discussions. Your statement about racists sounds a bit strange when someone reads the political statements on your userpag

madness - Oct, 25 2007 04:10pm
There isnt optical distortion, it can not be such an far object and with a brand new camera. That kind of barrel distortion occurs during macro shoots. The mosque is on the hill, and there is a slope on the road that I was standing. Thats the story...

angmokio - Oct, 25 2007 04:10pm
Well as i said such distortions happen in wideangle shots. I know that. The are some programs with which you can fix such distortions. Your picture is nice but has a flaw. You have several great pictures on your account and i also commented that.

barcelona - Oct, 26 2007 04:10am
This picture for me deserves 5 points. And Burak is a nice person and a good fotograph.

bertison - Oct, 27 2007 02:10am
its a good shot, but not excellent and remember the forum discussion about rating system. minds are free to everyone.

joe_schmidt - Oct, 27 2007 07:10pm
I agree with the optical distortion. The left tower is not upright and tends to the right as the others tend slightly to the left which is not dependent of the rising street or the age of the camera.
On the other hand I like this photo.

madness - Oct, 29 2007 04:10pm
I put a new comment on my profile page, someone who felt uncomfortable because of my previous comment will find a deeper meaning after thinking for a while:) thank you all for your comments, this picture deserves more...

rangutan - Nov, 01 2007 09:11am
Burak, I remember rating this picture kindly with 4* but some will not. While the scene is magnificent and fantastic against a clear sky, the pic is square, something was cropped, the base of the trees is missing or something is being hidden under them...

rangutan - Nov, 01 2007 09:11am
... the image is NOT distorted. The effect is called "perspective"! The towers should all lean towards the centre of the picture. Since the shot was not taken level, the towers on the left appear to lean much more. Still valuable, rating might still rise.

madness - Dec, 22 2007 08:12pm
Rudi, you re right I cropped the pic from the base, there were taxis, trees etc. members had better to take some pics of towers and learn the perspective effect, thanks for your explanation...

rangutan - Dec, 23 2007 09:12am
From *** to ****! .... nobody should panic if their picture is not rated as well as wished at first. Wait patiently till 10 members have rated as long as it takes to learn the true value.
The "moray" picture of me went from * to **** over two years without comments or complaints! :-)

madness - Dec, 23 2007 04:12pm
Rudi, I think the best way for the rating system is, in order to give stars for rating, writing a comment should be necessary, so the photographer will know the missing points of his/her techniques and also fraud attacks.
The way in globo for fraud attacks keep only the high rated pics, if you uploaded a really good photo and someone gave 2 or 1 stars at the beginning, you ve a long way to increase the rating, because giving 5 stars to that pic is also counted as a fraud action, that s funny...:)

angmokio - Dec, 23 2007 10:12pm
I pointed out what I think is wrong with the picture and wanted to help with my comment. How you react to sth like that is readable above.
The picture is distorted bcs of the wide angle. The towers should be parallel which they aren't. I photograph for over 10 years now and know that problem very well.

horourke - Dec, 24 2007 08:12am
Well now i wonder about parallax correction. At, the picture is rated 5 star by several members despite no correction for vertical convergence on the towers. In fact at railway crossings the convergence is legendary even from the eye of the viewer and I know of no correction method? Am I missing something?

rangutan - Dec, 24 2007 09:12am
Burak, just rating ought to say enough to the photographer (author). Not all members like their artwork to be critised and often leads to long discussions like above which I like but others find as "regurgitation" or point collecting!

Hugh, you have understood the natural effect very well; that objects further away (also higher) from the viewer look smaller thus lines are not parallel and tend to converge towards a "focal point", the center of visual attention. When viewing high buildings from a base, the point is called "zenith" (or "nadir" if viewed from above).

Another good example of this effect:

angmokio - Dec, 24 2007 09:12am
Sorry. I really dont want to fight here...But lines that go vertical to the sky are always parallel...unless the picture is distorted. Lines that go to the horizon converge, thats true Rudi
I know very well that my pictures also have that problem - as i said i know that problem very well. And i really only pointed that out to tell Madness about a common problem about wide-angle. It makes no sense in my opinion if all people only write "picture is great". We can learn from others when they point things out. But i guess this is the wrong platform for it. I wont do that anymore.

madness - Dec, 24 2007 10:12am
In my opinion, showing only the problems is not enough, I wish to have a solution for this if there is a solution.

Let me explain the environment a bit, this pic is cropped by me from the base, and the left minaret is seeming to lean to right. If you look in front of the mosque, there is a roof and a traffic label, and they seem to lean to the right also, because the surface is not flat, there is a slope there and on top of the slope, the mosque is standing. I really want to try adobe photoshop for correction.

The second point is, at the beginning we have an argument about the rating system in globo with marianne and hugh, and then angmokio jumped with the distortion sentences bla bla.. As I told I dont care if there is a distortion, because I m not a professional photographer and also globo doesnt pay me for these pics:) So if someone show me the problem, I really want to "learn" the solution.

rangutan - Dec, 24 2007 10:12am
Burak.... there is no distortion problem, the effect is natural and very effective. Read all my notes above! Rotate the pic about 2° anti-clockwise and crop 15% of both sides and you will have upper **** perhaps ***** image! :-) End of my contribution here!

angmokio - Dec, 24 2007 10:12am
Also my last contribution:

Nice example pictures are there too...

davidx - Dec, 24 2007 02:12pm
Perhaps it might be good if we all appreciate the spirit of a season that's meant to be peaceful!

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