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Mursi woman with a big labial plate 2's by plancarpin

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a nice decorated labial plate...Fashion also reached the Mursi people..
Uploaded: Jan, 27 2009 | Taken: Jan, 09 2009| Viewed: 186 times  | 10 votes
Camera: Panasonic | Model: DMC-FZ50 | Exposure 10/800s, ISO 100 | FLength: 7mm | SW: ACD Systems Digital Imaging

krisek - Jan, 27 2009 05:01pm
JP, I am struggling to imagine how they eat. Is chewing an option at all?

porto - Jan, 27 2009 05:01pm
5***** quality,most unusual pic.

aufgehts - Jan, 27 2009 08:01pm
JP, do both the men and women wear the plate or is it just the women? And is hers larger than most?

pacchis - Jan, 28 2009 01:01am
i wasn wondering the same.. how do they eat? and if this has any simbolism for them..

plancarpin - Jan, 28 2009 07:01am
Jill, Krys and Paccis: I wrote some explanations on Adam's guestbook to reply his question; only women are wearing this labial plate; this is the most valuable thing they have. They wear the plate for special occasion, not all the time; without the plate, the lower lip is swaying under the jaw.. they can eat, but as they do not have their lower incisor teeths, they can only eat porridge like meal; no meat possible. They also drink milk as protein. 12cm diameter plates ( CD size) are common.

pesu - Jan, 28 2009 07:01am
Aren't there a lot of infections when the mouth is always opened?

basia - Jan, 30 2009 11:01pm
Wow, unbelievable, for them it is a beautiful, ... not necessarily for others. JP certainly saw many strange things and people.

plancarpin - Jan, 31 2009 09:01am
Thks Basia! as we say in french: "tastes and colours are just personnal matters"... In a way, it's nice to see that globalization has still not reach all of us on this planet.

hieronyma - Jan, 31 2009 10:01am
Jean-Philppe, a beautiful Pivture and a beautiful woman.

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