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Joined: Dec 03
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Thanks for the Petra report!

Posted: 2004-03-20 04:19 AM   
Hi Filippo! First of all, what's up with the photo? It looks like you are with Julia Roberts!

A few days ago, I saw a photo of a place in Egypt called Madain Salah. I looked at the person's gallery, to see if there were more photos, but he only had 2. So I searched the web, and found with a lot of photos. Many of them reminded me of ones I have seen of Petra. Now here is your report. I did a history search for Madain Salah, and it is also an ancient Nabataean city. I really enjoyed your report, and all the travel tips about the hotels, transportation and tour scheduling. I have not been to Petra, but I have dreamed of it for several years. Now is not a great time for Americans to be travelling in the Middle East, so it might be a while before I can get there. Thanks again! Jim Markham


Joined: Jun 02
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European Vista

Posted: 2004-03-07 03:08 AM   
Well done!
I just wanted to say that I have never stopped squirming enough to sit through many of the albums on Globo but I really enjoyed all your 107 photos. I love photographing food and people. The photos bought back so memories and gave me itchy feet... my favourites would have to be the Paris deli (I think no 52),
the 2 guys in Milan with there well endowed bellies (it's quirky) and number 80 and 82 of the duomo.


Joined: Jan 04
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Get the picture

Posted: 2004-01-19 01:13 PM   
Hi !
Luv your pics & reports. It's so colorful. You are very fond of amsterdam I see... it's real nice in summer but winter can be very bold. :) Keep up your good work!



Joined: Dec 03
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Happy New Years!

Posted: 2003-12-31 02:59 AM   
Hi Filippo
Thank you for accepting my friendship invitation. Have a safe and happy new years!
warm regards,


Joined: Dec 03
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perused you photographs..

Posted: 2003-12-28 01:07 AM   
Your photographs are beautiful. I especially like the child in white in the desert which is on the collage cover of your album. The old man and the sea, and the man holding a bug are also very well done.

How many countries have you been to? I've got 20, and share a few with you but would very much like to go to others you've been to.

Happy new year!


Joined: Dec 03
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Posted: 2003-12-28 12:52 AM   
Hey! Just wanted to say that I love your signature. :-) Hope you have a great trip to Europe, and happy holidays!


Joined: Oct 03
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Europe trip

Posted: 2003-12-16 09:19 PM   
Thanks for your nice note in my guestbook! I'm glad you got a chance to check out my site (yes, there is a lot of stuff to look at there!). Where are you going in Europe (I may have some suggestions for you!)? I look forward to seeing the new photos.




Joined: Oct 03
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Hi Again

Posted: 2003-12-12 08:44 PM   
I just went to your link: Geppetto Workshop
There's wonderful stuff there...are all the photos there yours? Also, what lenses do you like using with your 10D?




Joined: Oct 03
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Hi Filippo!

Posted: 2003-11-24 07:41 PM   
I just got my very own 10D! Now I hope to take pictures approaching the quality of yours! If you have any tips for me, please let me benefit from your expertise and experience.

Many thanks,



Joined: May 02
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Back to uni?

Posted: 2003-10-28 12:00 PM   
Hi Filippo,

thank you for adding me to your friends list on GLOBO. Did you start another term in uni?



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