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Joined: Jun 02
Points: 12936

Magoito Beach

Posted: 2005-11-14 06:05 AM   
I loved your photos especially the one of Magoito beach with the golden hues, really amazing.



Joined: Aug 04
Points: 34752

Magoito Beach arty Daniel!

Posted: 2005-11-13 07:37 PM   
You have quite some first-class pictures here. Your "Magoito Beach" is a dramatic and charming light spectacle of nature, tones and structures remind me of deep Sahara (just a 1000km away). You other pics too, wonderful! Rudi


Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719

Any advice?

Posted: 2005-10-14 07:13 AM   
Hi Daniel
I'm taking a cheap flight and going to Portugal from 14 to 20 December. I'm flying to Faro but I mean to get a bus to Evora and spend my time mainly in that area.
Any tips would be very welcome.
Thanks and best wishes


Joined: May 05
Points: 41625

hola Daniel

Posted: 2005-09-19 12:44 PM   
Gracias por escribirme, Daniel.
Me alegro de que te haya gustado mi report sobre Filipinas.
Sí, claro, ya sé que Madrid fue fundada hace muchos siglos, pero como capital lo fue en 1561. Como no se trataba de enrrollarme demasiado explicando la historia en el report de Globo, pues me permitía solo 2000 espacios, lo dejé tal cual, pues al principio escribí que en tiempos de los romanos ya existía un poblado, y luego, creo que un tal Mohammed I o algo así (te escribo de memoria), desde Cordoba erigió una fortaleza, creo que la que se quemó en 1734 el día de Nochebuena, y que Alfonso VI, el de El Cid, la reconquistó (Fue en 1083, no?, un año antes de que cayera Toledo?). En fin, para el lector de Globo ya está bien tal cual, creo.
Saludos desde Hospitalet



Joined: Aug 04
Points: 34752

Congratulations Daniel

Posted: 2005-05-02 08:37 AM   
Quite an achievement! I dont think a lot of members have won an award within a month of joining. An excellent report on such a way-out-place deserves it. Your adventure and particularly that picture of the "Big Iceberg from Upsala" still amaze me! I got as south as Puerto Montt and Chiloe in Chile in 1987, had heard then about this opportunity in Argentina and didnt take it!



Joined: Apr 04
Points: 17984

Report of the Month - A great winner!

Posted: 2005-05-02 07:08 AM   
Hi Daniel

Well done and welcome to Globosapiens! To win an award in your first month of membership is indeed an accolade! To win it for a report of the month – is absolutely fantastic!! Keep the reports coming and the pictures and thank you for joining us at Globo!

Cheers, Brit


Joined: Aug 04
Points: 53336


Posted: 2005-04-06 12:13 PM   

Davidx made me aware that I should ask before editing someones new destination information, so with that said, I hope you don't mind but I edited your contribution on Lisbon. Feel free to change it back if you are not too happy about it.

Have a good day



Joined: Sep 04
Points: 2918

Hola Daniel

Posted: 2005-04-04 10:55 AM   
La verdad es que Perú es fantastico y su gente tambien lo es.
A ver si este mes preparo un report ya te avisare.

Yo este año estoy pensando en ir a Argentina o Vietnam y no se que hacer.

Ya veo que tu has estado en Argentina i tus fotos son fantasticas.

un saludo y gracias.


Joined: Feb 04
Points: 1514


Posted: 2005-04-02 07:58 PM   
Hi there!
I'd like to say welcome to Globosapiens and also to compliment you on your photos of Argentina; they are absolutely breathtaking! I look forward to seeing and reading more from you.



Joined: Dec 04
Points: 34719

Convento dos Capuchos

Posted: 2005-04-01 05:54 AM   
This is a place I'd never heard of and it sounds great. I hope I can get to see it soon. Thanks for telling us about it.
Best wishes, David

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