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Joined: Dec 05
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Posted: 2007-11-06 05:30 AM   
Hi Bruno,
Congratulations for AoM. You posted nice photos from there. Even if its quite tourist place already, you shown the beauty of this place.



Joined: Sep 03
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Posted: 2007-10-20 04:33 AM   
Impressive photos. Was it very strenuous? The views are simply beautiful. The photos are excellent both from artistic and technical point of view.


Joined: Oct 05
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moin bruno

Posted: 2007-10-19 04:28 PM   
es ist zwar eine weile her, aber dadurch auch immer wieder schön sich auf dieser seite zu treffen. ich habe mir gerade dein album von teneriffa angesehen und bin wieder einmal begeistert von deinen bildern. du zeigst die insel aus einem blickwinkel, den nicht jeder so erkennt. es muß ein schönes erlebnis gewesen sein, die insel auf diesem wege zu erleben und den blick abseits der normalen touristenpfade schweifen zu lassen.
gruß aus hamburg,




Joined: Aug 04
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More Great Mountain Climbing Images

Posted: 2007-10-09 05:37 PM   
Marvelous Bruno,

I was a serious hiker once so enjoy experiencing your mountain expedition contributions now.

If you like, you should start a "THEME:mountaineering" in the photography forum and host it for us? Give us more tips and views, collect mountain climbing scene links uploaded to GLOBO and links, and list interested GLOBOmembers like we do for scuba, music, sport, plane-spotting, train-spotting etc ..... Otherwise I was thinking of a "THEME:camping" thread?

I still remember one of your first picture series before comments could be added, some members didn't know what "altitude" they were rating at - some of us did!

You like to travel at high levels (without aircraft!)



Joined: Jun 07
Points: 11080

Pictures from Tenerife

Posted: 2007-10-08 08:41 AM   
Hello Bruno!

That's great you uploaded pictures from Tenerife. I'm going there in December and thanks to your pictures I'm even more enthusiastic about the journey. If you have any special tips (esp. about climbing Pico del Teide and trekking issues as well as camping opportunities there) I would be thankful :)



Joined: Aug 03
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Posted: 2007-07-16 03:30 PM   
Thank you so much for you note of congratulations - you have posted so many wonderful photos! I always enjoy your pictures so much.



Joined: Sep 03
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back again

Posted: 2007-01-29 11:27 AM   
sorry, my finger slipped. I hadn't finished my previous message. I passed Thun three times on the train, next time (don't know when yet) I will get off and visit.

I am sorting out more photos of this trip, I may need your help again for other names of mountains.


Joined: Sep 03
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wetterhorn and schreckhorn

Posted: 2007-01-29 11:25 AM   
Thanks a lot for your info about the names of these two mountains.


Joined: Dec 05
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Many thanks Bruno

Posted: 2006-12-02 02:24 PM   
Thanks for your message, yourself has got pretty good pictures of China as well!
You must have enjoy yourself!
I am still working on further reports of Nepal and other destinations in Bhutan
Take care, and have a nice week end.


Joined: Aug 04
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Pumpkin Festival

Posted: 2006-11-30 04:38 PM   
Hi,Bruno.Thank you very much for spending your lunch
time looking at my pumpkin slide show. I’m very appreciated.
Next time make yourself a healthy pumpkin lunch: bake pumpkin
until pumpkin is soft for 40min-1 hour and then add honey to you taste.
I bet you are going to like it.

My best wishes to you and your family for the holiday time.
Enjoy your life.


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