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Joined: Jan 08
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Esfahan? Isfahan?

Posted: 2008-05-16 05:52 AM   
And what is the first letter used in Farsi? Is it also 'E'? Or is it too complicated?


Joined: Jan 08
Points: 84144


Posted: 2008-05-16 05:47 AM   

I'm glad you liked my report. I have two more already done, one on Isfahan, the other on Yazd. I have been waiting to see if Andy could merge Esfahan and Isfahan - as I am a little confused, which version I should use, so I have not published it. Any ideas?

Best regards,

p.s. I hope all goes well with your paper.


Joined: Jan 08
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Honest about Iran

Posted: 2008-05-12 04:20 AM   
Hi Leili!

Yes, it was such a pity that we could not get in touch properly and eventually meet whilst I was in Isfahan. However, I met a few Iranians, Afghanis and Kurds in my trip, who made my holiday totally unforgettable.

You can be certain that I will be honest about Iran in my reports, as I am always. I intend to write three or four, certainly about Yazd and Isfahan.

I will post some photographs as well. I am now snoozing a little after just realising that there are two names for Isfahan. I will wait for Andy's response whether they could be merged.

Best regards


Joined: Aug 04
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Posted: 2008-04-19 11:51 AM   
nice shots from Shiraz. I have been to the same places a long time ago, but it seems as it hasnt changed much...
greetings from Frankfurt


Joined: Oct 02
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Summer pleasures...

Posted: 2007-08-14 12:23 AM   
Dear Leili
You miss me... Welcome to Poland! I will be happy to host you! I am spending summer enjoying flowers in my dacha and writing articles to get money for the next expedition... Just have a look:
In Esfahan You promised me to send me the pictures from your ceremony. Did you forget or there was no ceremony?...
All the best


Joined: Aug 04
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Thank you Leili

Posted: 2007-04-25 02:34 PM   
Dear Leili-thank you very much.To tell you honestly,this award was a great and surprised news for me.

Best of luck from me.


Joined: Feb 07
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Posted: 2007-04-04 03:44 PM   
Thanks for your comment.



Joined: Mar 06
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happy new year

Posted: 2007-03-24 07:56 PM   
salam leili jan
sale no mobarak.
ba behtarin arezu ha.


Joined: Aug 04
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dear Leili

Posted: 2007-03-21 02:01 PM   
As first: congratulation to your silde show award. beautiful pictures! - It reminds me to visit Iran urgently again! And of course_
sale nou mobarak 1386 - I am wishing you and your family a very happy new year, all the best from Frankfurt.
May this will be the year you are travelling to germany!
Regards Ralph


Joined: Aug 02
Points: 6246

Congratulation, Leili

Posted: 2007-03-12 08:36 AM   
Hi, I like your slideshow very much, specially this image of the old woman. She looks so peaceful.

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