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Olympic Medal Winners's by rangutan

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information about germany  MunichGermany, Bayern
German medal winners return from Vancouver to a party on Marienplatz. The balcony of the City Hall is reserved for hero welcomes. If Bavaria had competed as a nation it would have been placed #4 in medal count!
Uploaded: Mar, 19 2010 | Taken: Mar, 02 2010| Viewed: 78 times  | 5 votes
Camera: Samsung Techwin | Model:  | Exposure 1/20s, ISO 200 | FLength: 14mm | Copyright: COPYRIGHT, 2007 | SW: 705141

jacko1 - Mar, 19 2010 05:03pm
Maybe it's time to seek independance!.

horourke - Mar, 19 2010 05:03pm
They are independent. Just financial arrangements keep them in the Bundes Republik and they are more like the Irish than the Irish themselves!!

jacko1 - Mar, 19 2010 10:03pm
I bow to your superior knowledge Hugh!

horourke - Mar, 20 2010 08:03am
Hi Tony, nice touch of irony there. Always good to hear from you. You seem to be the keeper of the flame while all the other Globo veterans are playing footsie with facebook. Anyway they will soon be back when they tire of "poking" one another!!

hieronyma - Mar, 20 2010 10:03am
No, no, not all the Globo veterans are playing footsie with facebook. In the world of ordinary people thank heaven there is me.

jacko1 - Mar, 20 2010 11:03am
Touche Christl, I personally am trying to tie up an easy way to get to Farnborough Airshow in July, possibly with Rudi (rangutan) fancy coming Hugh?

krisek - Mar, 20 2010 03:03pm
Tony, that Farnborough Airshow sounds like a brilliant idea! Uh, and by the way, I must have links to some eight or nine social networking sites... But there is no place like GLOBOsapiens!

rangutan - Mar, 20 2010 06:03pm
... that is why members always come back! :-)

porto - Mar, 20 2010 06:03pm
:) I agree, there is not a website that comes within a million miles of this encyclopedia of travel.

jacko1 - Mar, 20 2010 08:03pm
The very first site I joined and still the one I visit the most, even if I sometimes cause mild offense to some people who mistake it for a 'dating' site, pictures such as this and the resulting interaction, make it #1.

horourke - Mar, 20 2010 10:03pm
Hi Tony. Interesting thought about Farnborough. I would like maybe three days. Which days are best?

horourke - Mar, 20 2010 10:03pm
Also some very reasonably priced rooms not yet taken up in Farnborough

jacko1 - Mar, 20 2010 11:03pm
I have only looked at the 24th & 5th so far as these were the only days I could get there via the coach, also these are Air Display days, I will look further Hugh.

jacko1 - Mar, 21 2010 12:03am
It now looks as though me and Barb are likely to be there on the 24th July, hope to see some Globies!

hieronyma - Apr, 08 2010 10:04am
Oh no, I think the Bavarians will not seek independence, they like to be different and special as a memeber of the Federal Republic, that makes them important!
I liked your picture, finally joy and success and no lamenting.

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