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leillli Athenae - A travel report by leili
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Athenae,  Greece - flag Greece -  Attik√≠
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leillli's travel reports

city of music

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why everybody wanna touch great places like Greec?is it because of its simplicity or luxuries atmosphere?did i know these items befor the journey?ofcourse not...

Greec roads
Greec roads
Long,boaring road but thrilling,thinking about diffrent things,looking outside,road covered with olive trees...what it would be like,city of the greatesy civilization?I was sleeping in the bus which was carring us from Istanbul to Athena,when somebody shouted"we're here"...and i can not explain the pleasure i felt...being in the city of goddesses...

Athena is about great poeple i met there,i didn't have any idea that Greek are so kind and welcome!actually because of my nationallity ,unfortunatley,that isn't odd if someone doesn't show respect ...but i've seen in Greek eyes while they see a persian girl:)...these poeple know what persia is and i will do my best to understand their culture day i will difinately come back there ,to know this glorious civilization in details:)

Favourite spots:
undoubtly,The Acropolis is the one historical site you can't miss,probably it's because i enjoy being in archialogical sites,but as i thought before this trip,the whole part of this great complex was awesome..what i did enjoy the most was,being near the theater of Herod Atticus built by the Romans in 161 AD and still used today for classical concerts, ballet, performances of high cultural value and Yanni. staying under the Greec flag where Athens stretches out endlessly below,You can see the ruins of the giant Temple of Olympian Zeus and the view of the old temple ...was just perfect.

What's really great:
greek musician:)
greek musician:)
as i mentioned before i was stunned by Greek music,so you can guess yes!if i return,i wouldn't do anything except walking along the pedestrial avenue like Monastiraki neighborhood,enjoyin-g wine and the best music i've ever hear..have you ever listen to Ragzi Apopse?find it right now!

Green,lovely balcony
Green,lovely balcony
undoubtly,athena's beach is very good specially if there is no time to visit beautiful islands...the important thing that captured my eyes was athena's simplicity in architecture and even in their people which in my opinion is the secret of the beauty!athena urban sights were the other lovely point which i wanna mention:the whole buildings have wide balconies around themseleves which is the human's requirment in my notion!i do really loved this part and i have seen that,it has be used by their owner as a green,lovely touched me the way, i promised myself to do the same in my own home in esfahan:)

hotel's room
hotel's room
Do you really need a luxuries palace to spend couple of days in Athena?No way!the whole city is good enough for me,as even at night in bed, i was thinking about what i have been through...

there is a friendly hotel near Amonia square which was full of student from all over the world,called Candia Hotel...i found it very relaxing,serving complete breakfast which is the only thing you need for long walking:)free internet was availble and the staff were kind,and what really cool is,the little pool on the roof which is very very essential during hot summers:)

here is Candia's address:

40, Diligianni str., Athens, 10438, Tel.: +30 210 5246112-7, Fax: +30 210 5246117,

Greek folklore dancers
Greek folklore dancers
athena nightlife is what you can't miss,the main difference between other europian tourism sites is its folklore music.the place i chose to spend a night in,was perfect;good dinner and beverage.the best part was a greek dance group,dancing awesome specially with famous song,zorba and great singer with live music was glorious. last but not the least,was the moments that i could dance with the group!each member was polite and fun,as they asked me if it is ok for me to dance,because they all heard a muslim does not allowed to dannce!by the way,it was one of the fantastic experience ever:)

the whole night was cost around 50 euro and i do suggest you to attand one:)

pigeon's saver
pigeon's saver
monastiraki and plaka neibourhood are two quartier which you can spend nights in...,walking,drinking,good music and making friends could be the best you can have here,specially after being around archiological sites in hot summer:)but where i did like was a place far far away...there was an urban area which a woman sitting on the corner,feeding pigeons all alone,..nobody care but she was happy:)

greek food
greek food
as other tourism spot,Athena has very good restaurants placed in everywhere,the one i tried was Lazaros Restaurant,the specific character it has ,is live music with nice singer!which was great,we even dance there:)don't you ever miss greek salad,big dish filled with onion,cucumber,tomato,chees,viniger,oliv-e oil,....hummmm its taste delicious:)but i should say Greek are not good at rice!if i were you,i would stop thinking about eatting rice;)

Other recommendations:
parliament's gaurd
parliament's gaurd
In this trip i have seen people,some of them were happy like most of the tourists,on the other hand there were some ,who seemed to be suffering...the one captured my eyes was a guard ,marching infront of the Parliament,he was supposed to stare at tears run when i saw him crying...what was it for?,i'm not sure... but the reason i told you my story was a hope!i do recommand everyone to see humans in their trips not only dead,fossile glorious buildings...we are living on this planet

unfortunately what i have seen in many streets was bunch of addicts lying everywhere so it is not completely safe walking alone at nights,as you may know Greec isn't a rich country and bangladeshis are everywhare selling goods,that is not a bad idea to help them if we can...well , i have found greek ,very kind and welcome poeple,it will be highly appriciated if you give them a little souvenir of your own country and i guarantee they will give you something of their own:)

Published on Monday October 5th, 2009

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Thu, Dec 24 2009 - 05:19 PM rating by mistybleu

A lovele report thanks for sharing.

Tue, Oct 06 2009 - 12:55 PM rating by krisek

Leili, great report with so much detail and superb photographs. Your unusual (and casual, almost stuccato) style of writing put a smile on my face. Good job!

Tue, Oct 06 2009 - 07:24 AM rating by pesu

A very intensive personal report! I like it much, Leili. It is incredibly many years ago I have been to Athens and you brought back great memories. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. All the best to you.

Tue, Oct 06 2009 - 02:17 AM rating by bineba

What a lovely, personal report. Thank you very much. And it has come just in time for my first visit to Athens next week. I had already been looking forward to it, but now I can't wait!

Tue, Oct 06 2009 - 01:56 AM rating by esfahani

very interesting. now I feel like having a greek meal, some wine and wandering arround the narrow streets of Athens in the midsummer heat...
thanks for sharing, dear.

Mon, Oct 05 2009 - 07:40 PM rating by aufgehts

Leili, I loved your report! I could feel your excitement in seeing the city for the first time and you brought back some of the same excitement I had when I saw the city for the first time! It is great to hear how much you enjoyed everything you saw and did.

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