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ahliexodus Bacalar - A travel report by Alejandro
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Bacalar,  Mexico - flag Mexico -  Quintana Roo
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ahliexodus's travel reports

The wonders and spirituality of the Maya Part 1

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This is the first part of a three part travel episode. The site only allows me to write about the first since i am only allowed 2000 characters : ) In this log I describe the beginning of a beautiful and life-altering experience in the Mayan Jungle.

It had been about 18 years since I had visited my birthplace, Mexico . For political reasons beyond my control, I was forced to live in the U.S. for almost my entire life. So When I got the opportunity to leave, I flew, and flew and flew. After several years of traveling I eventually found myself living in Cozumel , Mexico . Although not native to this part of the country, I’ve felt most at home here; perhaps because of the environment of amiability so prevalent on every street and within every person I meet; or perhaps because the pristine waters reflect my desires and ideas of a utopia.

And I got the opportunity to explore the vast and lush jungles of the Mayan World. It was an experience that put my life in retrospect, challenging me to reconsider everything I had ever felt to be important. I didn’t strip down to bare skin and relinquish all material possessions or anything like that; it was more of an existential wake-up call.

I began the tour with a small group called “duende tours” (elf tours in ingles) near the border of Belize and Mexico at this place called Bacalar. There’s not much in Bacalar other than jungle and sprinkles of small villages; at least not until I we got to the Cenote Azul. Talk about a natural wonder! Cenotes, according to the guides, are deep holes in the ground that lead to an underground system of freshwater that irrigates that entire Yucatan peninsula. Ismael our guide then informed me cenotes make up for that the dearth of rivers and lakes in this part of Mexico . And I’ll tell you, I’ve never had a more exciting swim in my life! Adrenaline rushed through my body every time I swam near the center of what I would have thought was a huge beautiful pond, thinking of how awesome (and somewhat frightful) it was that I was swimming over the surface of what the Mayans considered to be the passage ways to the underworld!

Favourite spots:
unfortunately these sections don't allow me to elaborate further about the trip. It asks me for my favorite spots:

The Mayan Jungle of Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. I've been to Western and Eastern europe, and it just doesn't compare to the mystic jungle and mysterious caves and rivers of the Mayan world. I couldn't beleive how much of the world and ancient history I was just plain didn't know about.

What's really great:

The crystal blue waters of the Mexican cenotes, the ominous yet enchanting caves of Belize, the beautiful and simple people of guatemala; the awe inspiring ruins of Tikal, Nakum and Yaxha, and the amazing travels to get there: biking, canoing, and horseback riding through the lush and abundant trees and vegetation...way off the beaten path. Thank you duende tours!


Camping. There aren't many hotels, and besides, why go to the jungle to sleep in modernized accomodations? It just defeats the purpose of adventure travel.

Local cuisine. Made by locals, for locals.

Other recommendations:

Published on Friday January 11th, 2008

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Wed, Jan 16 2008 - 02:45 AM rating by ardelia

can I see some pictures?

Sat, Jan 12 2008 - 12:20 PM rating by marianne

Some interesting tips. Photos would be a great addition. The personal part would fit better in the travel log section.

Fri, Jan 11 2008 - 07:57 PM rating by rangutan

More about you than about travel? Some nice tips.

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