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Berlin - A travel report by Damian
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Berlin,  Germany - flag Germany -  Schleswig-Holstein
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damianharvey's travel reports

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I went there in 1996 as part of a student exchange as such I didn't get to see all of it. I got the impression that it still very much a city of two halves with the former East Berlin visibly much poorer than the West, but there was also a lot of construction going on so maybe things have changed. I found it to be like much like any large city with a main shopping strip, an arts district, the little (insert country of choice here) districts. Lots of reminders of the war but then I live in Australia which has never had a war at home so maybe the rest of Europe is like this too. I enjoyed my two weeks here very much, had many new experiences and made many new friends.

Favourite spots:
The zoo, I was there in winter and it was snowing. I walk around the corner and am confronted by two polar bears, almost filled my pants before I realized that there was indeed a fence between us. The little Turkish cafe next to Mcdonalds on the Kurfurstendamm, strong coffee, sweet cakes and hot, tasty kebabs.

What's really great:
Riding the U-bahn, being surrounded by millions of people I didn't know, finding that kids are still kids no matter where you go in the world, seeing big groups of punks with spiky hair and piercings, trying to sold all manner of cheap jewellery.

The Turkish place next to McDonalds on the K'damm

Other recommendations:
Berlin zoo, all the palaces, Checkpoint Charlie museum, the art gallery

Published on Thursday July 18th, 2002

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