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joe_schmidt Bogota - A travel report by Joachim
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Bogota,  Colombia - flag Colombia -  Distrito Capital
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joe_schmidt's travel reports

A short look at Bogotá

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Bogota travelogue picture
On my journey to South America I had the chance to make a short stopover in Bogotá for to visit the sisters of my spanish teacher. The town shows an extreme difference between poor and rich. Fresh air in Bogotá is like really bad smog in Germany. The security efforts were incredible. The concierge of my hotel didn't let me go out without knowing that I had a guide with me who brings me back. For to visit the gold museum she ordered a taxi, negotiated the price and taught the driver where to go and when to bring me back to the hotel. On the other hand the people I met were very friendly. Just tell the taxi driver that you know Juan Pablo Montoya and he will talk with you about cars. When I told him that I visited a Shakira concert in Germany, he has nearly been like a friend and if I had more time he would have invited me in his free time to meet his friends to party over the weekend.

Favourite spots:
Bogota travelogue picture
The Shopping Mall in Santa Barbara is like a normal Mall in the US or a big one in Germany but build into an old finca, whose atmopshere cannot be realized within a new building. When we entered the parking garage an armed man checked the car, the trunk and looked under the car with a mirror to assure that we had no bombs with us. Additionally a dog checked the car inside. That's normal, Patricia said and drove on to look for a free place for the car. Every second row there has been a guy in uniform to guard the park deck. Other nice locations are the shops and restaurants near to Zona Rosa where the office workers go at night. The gold museum is worth a visit although you can see many of their things in other major museums of Ecuador or Peru. A church on top of a hill reached by cable car is worth a visit and from that hill you have a great view over the town.

What's really great:
Bogota travelogue picture
With some money you can live like in Germany or elsewhere in the western world. You will find the same stores with the same prices. To buy designer clothes at a reasonable price you should buy them directly in their country of origin.

Bogota travelogue picture
I really liked the colourful public transport which I saw for the first time. Unfortunately I didn't dare to use it because I had no experience with South America. The Museo del Oro and all the churches are a must. Especially the churches. So much gold and art. You hardly will find that in the old world.

Other recommendations:
Bogota travelogue picture
Zona Rosa. Centro Comercial Andino. Centro comercial Atlantis. Zona de boutiques, cafés, restaurantes y bares. That's what Patricia wrote into my diary. As every big or otherwise important town Bogotá has its Hard Rock Café.

Published on Sunday January 18th, 2004

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Tue, Sep 11 2007 - 11:57 AM rating by esfahani

nice report - cool destination

Thu, Feb 22 2007 - 11:14 PM rating by travler

I learned a lot from this report. Thank you for posting it.

Thu, Sep 28 2006 - 09:16 PM rating by mrscanada

I use to work for the German Consul in Edmonton, (he was German).

You can live like a German here because so many came here after WWII

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