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moldova-turs Chisinau - A travel report by Oleg
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Chisinau,  Moldova - flag Moldova
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Moldova - a battlefield between East and West.

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Formerly part of Romania, Moldova was incorporated into the Soviet Union at the close of World War II. Although independent from the USSR since 1991, Russian forces have remained on Moldovan territory east of the Dniester River.

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Welcome to Moldova

"Moldova is a country where dreams come true, a place where fairy tales turn into reality..." - Such impressions have those who were lucky to discover this small land between Ukraine and Romania. Old monasteries, slumberous forests, endless hills, fair sky and friendly sun give a special charm to this country. People from Moldova are famous for their hospitality. They are always happy to host you in their houses, to tell you about their culture and traditions, to treat you with their wine... Come to Moldova and you will find yourself in the world which delights both you soul and eye.

We are always happy not just to help you to learn more about Moldova, its people and culture but also to host you here, on the land of legends.

Favourite spots:
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Wineries of Moldova - places that you must see ...:)

(Milestii-Mici, Cricova, Purcari, Chateu-Vartely, etc)

Over 50 km of the underground galleries are transformed into wine warehouses in the Milestii Mici Village (almost 20 km south Chisinau). The constant annual temperature of +12 ... +14 C0 and the high moisture level offers favourable conditions to store the high quality wine. The wine collection consists of over 2 million bottles. The grapes collected on the vineyards around Milestii Mici village are of special quality. The wine made out of these grapes has a rich and noble taste, which is stored then in the stone subways for many years. Cabernet", "Cahor", "Muscat" or "Aligote" – each of them bears the mark of the creator, his soul, energy and inspiration, though all of them are perceived as a part of the universal history of winemaking, as a part of the Moldovan culture.

What's really great:
Chisinau travelogue picture
Turistical places to see:

Tiraspol - disputed territory which always has been a battlefield between the major powers of the region.

Milestii Mici - A wine gallery registered in the “Guinness Book”.

The ancient city Old Orhei - a unique natural and historical complex in the open air. It organically combines the natural landscape and vestiges of ancient civilizations. As a result of enormous archeological excavations here there were discovered the cultural layers of different epochs such as - the Paleolithic, Eneolithic, and Iron Age.

The culture of geto-dacs of Early and Late Middle Ages is represented by the rests of earthen and wooden fortresses of geto-dacs period and the traces of two medieval towns - Shehr al-Djedid town of the Golden Horde period and the Moldovan town Orhei.

Soroca - between turks and tatars. Is a city with a rich history and culture. One of its symbols is the “Candle of Gratitude”.

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Stefan cel Mare (Stephen the Great) Monument is located near the main gate to the park of his name. Stefan cel Mare was a Moldavian leader who defended his people against invading armies in the 15th century. The Monument is in bronze and it is popular place to make a photo from tour around Chisinau.
There are so many parks in Chisinau most of them located in the city centre. People living around enjoy these guiet places which are popular destination for a walk. Chisinau is well known as a ever green city.

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Apartments & Hotels:

Chisinau travelogue picture

The nightlife of Chisinau is concentrated in Old Town and streets nearby. Many of places that are cafés and restaurants during day time became booming party zones. The bars have usually open till 4 AM, the most hottest places even till 6 AM.

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Shopping center "MallDova": bars, restaurants, 3d cinema, bowling, etc.

Chisinau travelogue picture
La Botul Calului
Chisinau, Moscovei bd. 9 tel. + 373 79 988 881

La Crisma
Chisinau, Ipodromului 9/1 tel. (+373 22) 43-70-50, (+373) 68707071

La Taifas
Chisinau, Bucuresti 67 tel. (+373 22 ) 22-76-92, 22-76-93, (+373) 79115628

Las Pegas
Chisinau, Albisoara 20/1 tel. (+373 22) 27 47 13; (+373 68) 25 78 87

Other recommendations:
Chisinau travelogue picture
Soroca - located in northern Moldova, close to the Ukraine border also, overlooking the beautiful Dniester River.

I'd have to say that a visit to Moldova wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Soroca as it is home to one of the most stunning places to visit in Moldova – the Soroca fortress (pictured) - which is a great example of medieval-style architecture in the country.

While in the town of Soroca, don’t miss also a visit to the Candle of Gratitude Monument which is the symbol of the Moldovian people.

The Candle of Gratitude is located on a hill overlooking the river, and from the landmark, you can get amazing views of the area around.

Saharna - around 60 minutes drive north of Chisinau and it’s an excellent place to enjoy a relaxing day trip from the capital.

Saharna is also on my list of interesting places to visit in Moldova because of the Saharna Monatery and the stunning natural scenery surrounding this village.

Published on Thursday December 2th, 2010

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Sat, Dec 18 2010 - 09:29 PM rating by marcosfonsec

Interesting! I am fascinated by places like Moldova. If I still go back to Europe, I will meet Moldova.
Interessante! Sou fascinado por lugares inusitados como a Moldávia. Se eu ainda voltar à Europa, irei conhecer a Moldávia.

Marcos Fonseca

Sun, Dec 05 2010 - 07:00 AM rating by jorgesanchez

Thanks for this informative report

Sat, Dec 04 2010 - 01:09 PM rating by mistybleu

Nice report, thanks for sharing

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