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uluru1 Coober Pedy - A travel report by Mark
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Coober Pedy,  Australia - flag Australia -  South Australia
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Opal Capital of the World

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Coober Pedy travelogue picture
This Town is unlike any other in the World,it has the distinct feel of Australia's version of the Wild west- Wild & Untamed,with an eerie silence around it,Inhabited with the Dust people,Everyone is Dusty & Inquisitive,but friendly,The terrain is barren with Mine Heaps everywhere(Overspill from the Mineshafts)and Everyone,except the Aboriginals live Underground.

Favourite spots:
Coober Pedy travelogue picture
The Underground Homes,The Graveyard with its Beer Keg Gravestone & the Opal Shop with the Desert Flame(A Priceless Opal,with some beautiful Red & Green Colours) Inside,with a Greek owner who gave me a fantastic bargain on 3 Opals,Thank you.

What's really great:
Coober Pedy travelogue picture
The overall atmosphere of this Unique Town is fantastic and represents to me the true Spirit of Australia.

The Underground campsites & Cabins are great and gives you a true feel of living underground.

There is a little Pub just as you come down into Coober Pedy on the left hand side,very Australian.
Due to the its location,a small town in the middle of the vast Outback,you can only stay outside for no more than 30minutes at a
time,in the afternoon it reduces to 10 minutes,or you feel like you will burst into flames,it is so hot!
We spent our time going from the restaurant to the pub,to the shops,to the small Post office,just to stay out of the extreme heat.This is what gives it a eerie silence,as No one comes out till night fall,except the aboriginals.

Coober Pedy travelogue picture
Good Little Restaurant/Cafe opposite the Post office,very good choice and excellent prices,with a real Outback atmosphere about it.

Published on Thursday February 19th, 2004

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Wed, Sep 15 2004 - 12:03 AM rating by bridgete

I loved reading your impression of Cooper Pedy and Ive decided to visit because of it. Well done!!

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