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christianj. Dusseldorf - A travel report by Christian
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Dusseldorf,  Germany - flag Germany -  Nordrhein-Westfalen
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Düsseldorf - you'll love it!

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Nov 2003

Dusseldorf travelogue picture
When foreign people think of German cities, most of them think of cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich ... But nowadays, more and more people realize, that there is a very special city at the edge of the Ruhr-Region: Düsseldorf! Düsseldorf is the communal portal of the federal state of North-Rhine Westphalia. At the moment, it has more or less 600.000 residents and a range of 217 square kilometres. The people in this city are very friendly, helpfull and 'social beings'. Düsseldorf is well known as a 'fair-city' and for its wild carnival.

Düsseldorf is directly situated at the river Rhine. But the city got its name from another, smaller river: the Düssel. So the name Düsseldorf means: village at the river Düssel. That (village) again, people from cologne (only a half hour drive away) like very much – but I’m going to tell about that story later.

Pictures No. 1 + 3 in this Report are from 'Bildarchiv Stadt Düsseldorf'

Favourite spots:
Dusseldorf travelogue picture
Lets start with the Königsallee, called ‘Kö’, that belongs to the small group of world famous boulevards. Here, you find all the international well-known, exquisite fashion designers, expensive jewelleries ... On the Kö condenses the rhythm of the town to self-projection; you can continuously see productions without script. But don't be afraid if your credit card doesn't like boulevards like this - just around the corner you find the Shadowstraße, one of the shopping-streets in Germany with the most turnover. The traditional 'Kö' has recently acquired a new companion promenade, two kilometres long. With the construction of the new Rhine embankment tunnel, the Altstadt (Old Town) has come back to its traditional place by the Rhine. While the traffic races along underground, strollers on the Rhine embankment promenade breathtaking outlook on the Rhine and the art nouveau facades of Oberkassel. The view embraces the Rhine tower and the North-Rhine Westphalian government building.

What's really great:
Dusseldorf travelogue picture
From the Rhine tower you have a bird's-eye perspective of the city, the countryside, the river ..., and on a clear day you can even see the towers of Cologne cathedral. In direct vicinity, there is the 'media harbour', where you can find arts, communication, creativity and spectacular architecture. Here, you can also find a lot of restaurants and bars - at night it is the most popular 'party-zone' of town at the moment. The most impressive sight being the 'Frank O. Gehry buildings' and the new 'City gate' office building. Between Rhine promenade and 'Kö' you find the famous Old Town. It starts at the Rhine with the Burgplatz, which has received an award as one of the finest post-war German squares, opens up to the Rhine with the old castle tower, within whose walls 2000 years of navigation romance are presented. The Old-Town is the old quarter of the city. With its 260 cosy pubs and home-brew taverns it is well known as 'the longest bar in the world'!

State Parliament of North-Rhine Westphalia
State Parliament of North-Rhine Westphalia
In Düsseldorf you can find famous museums like the Kunstsammlung Nordrheinwestfalen, one of the most prestigious modern art museums. Have a look at for all the other museums

Landtag (North-Rhine Westphalia's state parliament): Spectacular round building on the bank of the Rhine

Aqua Zoo in the Nordpark, the living museum

Church St. Andreas in the Old Town, a jewel of baroque buildings

House where Heinrich Heine was born, in the Old Town

Schloss Benrath: one of the most beautiful surviving examples of Rococo architecture

Kaiserswerth: Historical city quarter, ruins of the 12C Barbarossa Palace

EKO House of Japanese Culture: Traditional Japanese wooden architecture with temple complex, bell tower and Japanese garden

Hofgarten: Germany's oldest public park, in the city centre

You see a part of the Rhine-Promenade
You see a part of the Rhine-Promenade
Have a look at - there you’ll find an accommodation guide

Kastens Hotel, Jürgensplatz 52, Tel.: 0211/30 25 0,, (from here it is just a short walk downtown)

Youth-Hostel Düsseldorf, Düsseldorferstr. 1, Tel.: 0211/55 73 10,
It's situated directly at the Rhine and has been built completely new in 2007.

Dusseldorf travelogue picture
In Düsseldorf they brew a very special beer, the Altbeer. Don’t miss to taste the beer of the home-breweries Uerige, Schumacher and Füchschen – they are among the best beers of the world! There, you also can get tasty homemade, regional food.

Brauerei Uerige, Bergerstr. 1, Tel.: 0211/8 66 99 0, (german + english)

Brauerei Schumacher, Oststr. 123, Tel. 0211/ 32 60 04; also Im Goldenen Kessel, Bolkerstr. 44, Tel. 0211/ 32 60 07,

Brauerei Im Füchschen, Ratinger Str. 28, Tel. 0211/13 74 74,

In Düsseldorf you can find all kinds of restaurants; just look around.

Only two more recommendations:

Italian: Trattoria Luigi, Jahnstr. 57, Tel.: 0211/37 36 92 (a little bit expensive, 30 minutes to walk from downtown)

International: Zum Trompeter, Fürstenwall 66 b, Tel.: 0211/39 36 98,, (20 minutes to walk from downtown

Other recommendations:
Dusseldorf travelogue picture
If you are in Düsseldorf in wintertime and you are interested in sports, don’t miss to watch an ice-hockey match of the DEG Metro Stars. I would recommend you to be in the stadium minimum 90 Minutes before the game starts. Have a beer, enjoy the atmosphere of a stadium being more and more filled and later the match and the enthusiastic fans around you!

Every July the ‘largest fare at Rhine’ takes place at the Rhine-meadow opposite the old town. There, you can find roller coasters, roundabouts, a boxing ring, snack booths and beer tents. It is far from beeing as big as the Oktoberfest in Munich, but big enough and much more personal. And, it is not only me who thinks that the beer is much better. Have fun!!

People from Düsseldorf and Cologne people don’t like each other. That is a very old story. They make a lot of (rough) jokes about each other. They don’t serve the others anything right. If Düsseldorfer and Cologne sport teams fight each other it is always very emotional, especially if ice-hockey is concerned! But I am sure something would be missing without this rivalry. There is just one thing: It is not possible to drink beer from Cologne. Please believe me although I was born in Düsseldorf!

Published on Sunday November 2th, 2003

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Tue, Jul 29 2008 - 04:14 PM rating by eirekay

Thank you for editing! It gave me a chance to read this first class report! This is great stuff!

Wed, Jan 17 2007 - 03:06 PM rating by mrscanada

I've only been to Cologne. It was interesting to read about Dusseldorf.

Thu, Jan 27 2005 - 09:08 AM rating by ardelia

Very interesting report and cool pictures. Have never heard of this place, enjoy reading this ! Thanks


Tue, Apr 27 2004 - 01:27 PM rating by travelalain

What an impressive report, so many tips that you list here. Haha and that joking among each other, I guess a lot of neighbours do that :-)

Sun, Jan 04 2004 - 03:37 PM rating by cycleboy

As a Hamburger i didn´t knew that there is another interesting citiy in Germany beside my hometown. Now I know: It´s Düsseldorf (((-:
Respect, an excellent report!

Fri, Nov 21 2003 - 12:53 AM rating by whereisliz

What a great report, so helpful and full of details, and great photos, too! I only wish I had read it before my trip last summer!

Sun, Nov 02 2003 - 09:07 AM rating by marianne

Very good insight information, I loved to read it. I haven't been to Dusseldorf for a long time. Reading this article made me put it on my 'what to see list'.

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