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chretien Groenlo - A travel report by Chris
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Groenlo,  Netherlands - flag Netherlands -  Gelderland
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Battlefield 1627 at Grolle

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Pse take a vieuw at my pictures which are already uploaded. There will be soon more....if time.....Battlefield 1627 at Grolle Nowadays called Groenlo in the Netherlands. Since 2007 Oost-Gelre.
For more informations,

A reproduction, as simple as you can tell here, but very difficult to set in the just scenario, to take place; The battlefield back at the year 1627 at Grolle. A scenario that every two years takes place.

The city of Groenlo (also known as Grol and Grolle) can trace its roots back to the early seventh century. In 1236 it became an enclave of Gelre within the fiefdom of Borculo. On December 2, 1277, it received city rights from Count Reinoud I of Zutphen (art II no 991). There were six councillors, including two mayors and four aldermen. The official archives are far from complete.

The judge at Groenlo received his commission from the bailiff of the county of Zutphen. This seems to suggest that, like Doesburg and Lochem, Groenlo was once controlled by the bailiff. In 1406 it became a part of the estates of the bishops of Münster.

The city was one of the early trading centres along the road from Germany to Holland, which lead to a flourishing guild system. In the 16th and 17th centuries it was a strongly fortified city and, being on the border, repeatedly came under siege, especially during the Eighty Years’ War. In 1597 the city was taken by Maurits van Nassau, recaptured in 1606 by the Spanish troops under Spinola and in 1627 besieged and recaptured again by Frederick Henry, one of his most glorious military achievements and immortalised by Hugo de Groot in his Obsidia Grollae and also by Joost van den Vondel in his work "Conquest of Grol by Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange". Groenlo was one of the influential towns around Zutphen. From 1672 - 1674 it was occupied by the bishop of Münster.

To this day, visitors will still find bastions, moats and cannons in Groenlo.

Feel well in an atmospheric little place with 11.000 inhabbitants, called "Town".

Favourite spots:
All of them, there is no time to rest or to waste to get a picture, it is only once you get the real scene to see!

What's really great:
The very special moments there are in the fact the colourfull aspects you can get at moments during the presentation(s) and the fight(s)

See them at my normal photo account, till they are picked up in this report.

Many, even the barbeque at the knights - field kitchen('s)

Published on Monday November 23th, 2009

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