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daniserralta Iquitos - A travel report by Dani
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Iquitos,  Peru - flag Peru -  Loreto
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daniserralta's travel reports

Peruvian last frontier to the jungle.

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Iquitos travelogue picture
Iquitos is the Peruvian main entrance to the amazon jungle. That's the start point to get the amazons experience in camps or with excursions to see wild life, natural sightseeing, do jungle trekings, etc... Anyway is a big city that grew fast because of the last century cautchouc (Indian-rubber) fever and now because of the tourism. Don't expect to find a quiet and relaxing place cause it isn't ... is extremelly noyse cause of the hundreds motorized trycicles running fast up and down all the time.

Favourite spots:
Iquitos travelogue picture
What I like of Iquitos is the Bund. All this area is too beautiful, there's not too much traffic and the amazon river goes along the city side. There are some colonial buildings and at the other side of the big river there's only jungle and jungle. Around the Plaza de armas you can find some hotels, restaurants, the tourist office (Important) , some junglecraft shops but the most important is the Iron-Bar. The non-so-clear history says that was built by msr. Eiffel (France) ... mmmmmm... ;) well, I don't know but anyway is 2 floors beautiful iron bar and restaurant.

What's really great:
Iquitos travelogue picture
2 things. First that I liked was that to reach Iquitos the only way is by plane or by a long way by river so you have the real feeling that you are really far from everywhere. Second that I liked was Puerto Belen and its market. Puerto Belen is a floating village over the Amazon river and just by the city. At the market you can find some jungle magical artifacts and medicines.

All around the Plaza de armas there are several hotels and hostels. Is really easy to find accomodation in Iquitos and the best is go first from the airport to the tourist information to get some advices attending to your budget.
My personal advice is:
Hostal Baltazar - Condamine, 265
Is Near the Plaza de armas. clean and helpful staff. 25 soles per night. fan and shower. (See guide)

I couldn't find anything really interesting there.
There are some but it seemed like a dirty holes with bad music so I didn't enjoyed too much there the nightlife.
Anyway I'm sure that there are some good locals that I could'nt found.
They seem too be really interested in Casinos and you can find a lot to try your luck and earn/loose some money. (Not really interesting)

There are a lot and reasonably priced.
Here you can taste the jungle cuisine and have the chance to taste some exotic dishes like some kind of snakes or jungle animals.
A great experience.
You can find also Chifas or cheap restaurants where the locals go and safe some money.
For international cuisine just go to the Tarapoto Bund area or around the Plaza de armas. (I found an Italian and a Chinese restaurants there!!!!)¿?¿?

Other recommendations:
Iquitos travelogue picture
Is plenty of travel agencies to organize your jungle experience.
The best is go to the tourist office to get a list of the most reliable and then just go to them.
There are several lodges to go in a 100km around the city and they pick you at the hotel.
Don't go to a lodge for a less than 4 days cause the amazon river and jungle has too much to offer ... much more than 3 days.

Published on Friday January 30th, 2004

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