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Istanbul - A travel report by gfg
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Istanbul,  Turkey - flag Turkey -  Istanbul
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A trip from Van to Istanbul

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Van is a city in the East of Turkey on the bank of Lake Van, close to the border of Iran. Istanbul is the European part of Turkey. My trip started from the east and ended in the west. One day visiting Van, and then travelling to Istanbul.

I like travelling a lot and I still like it. My journey to Turkey began some years ago started some years ago from Van. I visited a friend who was an academic in the University of Van in Turkey. Van is a small but attractive city in Turkey. Weather is very nice and the nature is beautiful. We had a very nice breakfast in Istanbul

Turkey is one of the best touristic countries in the east and tourism is one of the main source of economy in this country. However, price of fuel was expensive in Turkey comparing to countries in the east border of this country. It is almost costly travelling by bus from Van to Istanbul.

Istanbul is one of the prettiest and historical cities in the Turkey and it is very well known for visitors from Western people such as people coming from Europe, Canada and United States. It is also capital of old Islamic emperor in Turkey. Beautiful historical buildings such as old Turkish mosques are everywhere in Turkey, also beautiful islands in Mediterranean Sea.

Favourite spots:
VAN city
VAN city
The special part of Turkey to me was its beautiful coasts and beaches in this country. Clean and crystal water of the sea, beautiful shores with people swimming in hot seasons. You can have a nice day of swimming, having a brunch and resting on the shores of Istanbul. Having a fresh and cheap food that you may pay dollars for it in any western world.

What's really great:
One of the great things about Turkey and especially Istanbul is that very quickly you can make a lot of friends. People same you that are traveling and visiting this country and you will find that they trust you very soon. With their companion you will enjoy your time of spending in Turkey. However, you need also to be careful about people who offer you illegal stuff as well. Sometimes it can be a trap

Istanbul travelogue picture
A city with historical buildings, a mixture of architecture of east and west, there are many mosques with domes on top of each other. More likely they are built in such a way because of covering the space for praying in cold climate of Antalya. Interesting is that domes transfer loads via smaller domes and it lowers the use of columns in the space

There are many hotels and accommodations in different range of prices; cheap and expensive. I heard that there are some cheap hostels as well.

Istanbul has a bustling nightlife. You can chill and enjoy nightlife of Istanbul. I just need to notify is the safety at night and being careful where to go at night and what neighbourhoods. Especially, some discos and night clubs. You may get ripped off. Just better stay in the center of the city

I enjoyed visiting Ayasofya and King Akbar mosque. Traveling by tramva (street train) was fun, also walking in the city and historical part of the city and walking toward the sea. Meanwhile sightseeing and shopping

breakfast in Van
breakfast in Van
For having food most places are safe in Istanbul. Drinking alcohol on street and public places are not allowed, but you can buy them from many shops in the city. Foods are delicious in most of Turkish shops and restaurants.

Other recommendations:
Other recommendations is going to the music concerts in the city, movies or going for a walk in early morning. There are many activities in the city that can make you busy. Travelling on the big and crowded ships and visiting islands in Istanbul is one of the bests.

Published on Friday June 20th, 2008

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