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hottiefor1 Jurmala - A travel report by Gabe
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Jurmala,  Latvia - flag Latvia -  Jurmala
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hottiefor1's travel reports

My visit to Latvia was very fun and exciting...

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I traveled to Jurmala beach,I went to Riga which is the capitol of Latvia popular city,I went to this cool place called Go Planet that was the coolest!!, I went to this restaraunt called Lidos and another one call Gin Bae's.both were had quality food.

Me standing in front of Lido's Restaraunt..
Me standing in front of Lido's Restaraunt..
I had lots of fun in Riga, I went to the movies a few times.They have a really nice theater,cinema.The town was filled with many things to do.They have shops all around and places you can eat when hungry.I especially like the quick stops for food they have there.They have mcdonalds there that is two stories tall.

Favourite spots:
Another picture of daugava.
Another picture of daugava.
Some of my favorite spots were the Beach,Jurmala,it was really beautiful they have nice scents all around coming from the pine tree's and the sand is also very pretty.There is a place where you rent bicycles right on the beach.There is a volleyball court right near the ocean water to play on. Another favourite place I liked was this place called Go Planet. GO- Planet is this really cool arcade/video game center, place that has many fun things,they have go carts, virtual simulator games that seem realistic, and 4d 4 dimensional movies.I also liked bowling they have a cool night bowling set up.Its dark in the bowling center and they have these interesting colored balls, neon i think were the colors.They glew in the dark and had music playing in the back..

What's really great:
Me posing at Jurmala Beach with hand in the air.
Me posing at Jurmala Beach with hand in the air.
I especially liked the food there the people were friendly also.They had awesome food.The people were very welcoming.I ate at this russian restaraunt called Lidos it is a well known place in northern europe.I thought that was special.I also ate at this Japanese/Chinese restaraunt called Gin Baes its located in downtown Riga where all the shops are at.I would highly reccomend it to anyone traveling there.. To your right is a picture of me at the Riga zoo the one and only zoo in Latvia.The zoo is a big zoo,there are many attractions inside the zoo.Not only do they have animals there.They have a place where you can rent rollerskates and they have nice beautiful paved walkways where you can enjoy your rollerskates.There is also a place where you can jump on these bouncing things,plus they also have another place where you can rent these three wheeler tricycle bikes.They also have a place where you can ride on rollercoasters.There are a few parks inside the zoo where you can sit and relax.

Me at Baltic Beach Hotel.
Me at Baltic Beach Hotel.
I would reccomend for sights going to see some of the castles.I would also reccomend going to Jurmala beach.There's lots to see there.and its very relaxing to be there by the sea.There you will find a hotel called the Baltic Beach Hotel,it is well known for its spas and health services offered there,it is a nice place to get away from the busy,work style and rejuvenate your spirits.

I went to this really cool place it was this Tea House somewhere in Riga..Its a nice quiet tea-house.You can pick your favorite tea and they have this nice set up,with these tables but they are like couches so you can lay down and stretch out on them and get comfortable.Its peaceful.There are candles lit around you.Its very secluded from the view of strangers outside..Not too crowded either..Or at least when I was there it wasn't..They more drinks then tea you can get liquor desserts,pies,cakes,ice creams.Very good quality drinks..

Published on Sunday October 29th, 2006

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Thu, Nov 09 2006 - 01:24 PM rating by marianne

Nice first report. Like the photo of the tortoise or is it a turtle? I missed Jurmala when I was in Riga, but will certainly go there next time

Tue, Oct 31 2006 - 05:57 PM rating by eirekay

This is a terrific first report! It gets easier each time! Thanks for taking a first shot!

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