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recaro94 Lonstrup - A travel report by Cody
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Lonstrup,  Denmark - flag Denmark -  Nordjylland
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recaro94's travel reports

Journey to the Danish dunes

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Wandering the internet I randomly stumbled upon a photo of this lighthouse who-knows-how-long ago. During a short trip to Denmark I decided my curiosity needed a win so I set aside a day to take the train to Denmark's northern tip and find the tower.

Lonstrup travelogue picture
Lonstrup is a tiny town in northern Denmark, not on many peoples radar. It's walkable from end to end in under 5 minutes but extremely picturesque. Long wind swept grass everywhere, tiny typical Scandinavian houses, and a great big abandoned lighthouse peaking over the ever shifting sand dunes in the distance. I discovered while here that Lonstrup is located on Danish Cycle Route #1, so if you find yourself long distance cycling in Denmark, make a stop here.

Favourite spots:
Lonstrup travelogue picture
Obviously the lighthouse. On approach aboard the bus from Hjorring you can see it in the distance hiding behind one great big dune. It's a fair 45 minute hike out there from Lonstrup (maybe 20 minutes if you drive to the closest parking lot, I just walked from town). The sand is fine here so it will infiltrate your shoes and socks easily. Never the less, I spent a good hour trying to get photos of every angle of the lighthouse. Sadly, the door was locked. I tried.

What's really great:
Lonstrup travelogue picture
The lighthouse isn't so removed that you'll be alone here, and I had a sort of apprehension that I may or may not be trespassing in getting this close. The Danes are not ones to break rules but there were a few groups out and about as well on this day, likely because the weather was a very out-of-character sunny. A few families with small children sitting in the sand, a few couples and other solo people hiking all around the take in every angle of the coast, sand and tower. You're not alone here but in a small cohort; the type that likes to explore and leave well enough alone. A great group.

Lonstrup travelogue picture
In Lonstrup? No idea. I was staying in Aarhus at the time so Lonstrup is accessible by day trip via train or car from pretty much anywhere in Jutland.

Other recommendations:
Lonstrup travelogue picture
The hike in was great as well. A worn path along the top of the cliff that runs between Lonstrup and the lighthouse, as well as beyond in both directions. This area clashes with the well known stereotype of a flat and featureless Denmark.

Published on Thursday April 3th, 2014

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Thu, Jun 11 2015 - 11:54 AM rating by voyager

Very enjoyable read. I like seeing reports of obscure places that I would have otherwise not known to exist.

Thu, Apr 10 2014 - 04:10 PM rating by louis

Very enjoyable reading (although little bit short :) with a great pictures.

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