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utari Merapi - A travel report by valentina
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Merapi,  Indonesia - flag Indonesia -  Jawa Tengah
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Merapi my first

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It was my first hiking. The very first mountain hiking. This charismatic mountain is something. Really something. I thought I wouldn't have reached the last post. I thought I wouldn't have passed the rocky & slippery part of this full-of-spirit mountain.

the cloudy sky
the cloudy sky
26-27 April 2008

The mount of Merapi is located in Yogyakarta Province in Indonesia. This active vulcano has erupted many times. Hundreds maybe. The day when I climbed the mountain together with my friends was the day when it was reported another small lava eruption happened in the mountain. Though the eruption happened at the different side of the mountain. Not the side we climbed.

We climbed from Boyolali, a small city in Central Java, from the path which is considered as way easier than the one in Yogyakarta. It was not that easy for me, though. For a totally beginner.

The first view I had was vegetable fields, going up and up and up until all of sudden the picture of short green vegetable, with orange carrots here and there, was replaced by slim and tall (medium) trees. Don't know what trees they are.

And then the next scene we had was big stones, rocks, here and there. Many rocks. Using your both hands may be necessary here. Crawling. That is the best word for what I did most of the time when climbing the mountain.

Favourite spots:
Pasar Bubrah. This is the local name for the last post, just another few hundred meters from Puncak Garuda or the Peak of Garuda. The spot where I could see many other mountains surrounding this strong one.
Merapi has always been connected with one mountain laying next to it, Merbabu. These mountains are couple. Merapi is the male one, and Merbabu is the female one.
From Pasar Bubrah, I could see two other mountains standing side to side. Another couple. Mount of Sumbing and mount of Sindoro. We can see that far from Merbabu there is another famous mountains for hikers in Indonesia. It is Lawu mountain.

What's really great:
the blue one I like
the blue one I like
To be honest, I did not really enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this mountain since I was so occupied with concentrating not to fall. But, I did like the moment when I saw the sun rising from its bed.

The sparkling orange sky was superb. The excitement of being a creature that was allowed to enjoy this was (or is) undescribable.

When you are leaving the mountain, down to the village, and if you are luckly enough, you may be able to enjoy the annual traditional cultural festival in the village where the first post is. This annual event is held on dedicated 16 weeks. Every two weeks, within this 16 ones, there will be performances from various local traditional groups within the sub-district.

Bring your own accomodation. Tents, sleeping bag, etc. etc.
Don't forget to load yourself with enough food should you want to stay overnight there.
And not to forget about your camera. You will never stop taking pictures there.

Bring your own food. Don't forget your medication.

Please don't litter.

This mountain is way too beautiful to be your trash bin.

Published on Wednesday April 30th, 2008

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Sat, May 10 2008 - 06:14 AM rating by marianne

I loved this sentence
"I did not really enjoy and appreciate the beauty of this mountain since I was so occupied with concentrating not to fall."
because this was exactly the reason why I did not go on the hike.

Thu, May 08 2008 - 03:26 PM rating by louis

Nice first report. More pictures would be appreciate

Wed, May 07 2008 - 10:08 AM rating by delfster

halo valentina...
senang baca report-nya.
senang juga berjumpa disini.
it's a superb one :)

Sat, May 03 2008 - 08:26 AM rating by krisek

A very good first report. Honest and personal. Thank you and welcome to the 'reporters club' of GLOBO!

Sat, May 03 2008 - 06:52 AM rating by jorgesanchez

Pleasant first report.

Wed, Apr 30 2008 - 01:06 PM rating by mistybleu

Valentina, thanks very much for sharing; I really enjoyed reading your first report. I'm so envious...

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