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jorgesanchez Mostar - A travel report by jorge
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Mostar,  Bosnia - Herzegovina - flag Bosnia - Herzegovina
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jorgesanchez's travel reports

Yugoslavia dismembered

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I had been in all ex-Yugoslavian countries twice, but that was long time ago, when they were all together. My present travel had the intention to know the the present situation of every new republic.

famous bridge of Mostar
famous bridge of Mostar
I have just arrived from a two weeks trip to all the ex Yugoslavian republics: first I travelled to Dubrovnik by boat from Bari, then I went down to Montenegro until the border with Albania, then in Ulcinj I took a bus to Pristina, in Kosovo. I continued to Macedonia, from where I catch a train to Belgrade. Night bus to Sarajevo, a few hours excursion to Pale, in Republic of Srpska, next day to Mostar, then I went back to Split, and bus to Istria (Pula). Finally I left the country through Slovenia and entered back Italy. It was a marvellous trip. People everywhere treated me excellently. If I tell the truth, I did not find any difference in these countries and only regret that, because of some people interest, millions of peaceful people were compelled to a horrible war and now Yugoslavia is not united anymore. People are mixed up: Serbians married with Bosnians, girls with father from Novi Sad and mother from Ljubljana, etc. Everybody understands each other; the customs are similar, as their food, their religions are respected. The journey to Pristina took me a whole night. In the control all the passengers showed a Kosovo United Nations passport. During the last part of the bus journey, already at down, I saw United Nations signs, cars and foreign soldiers in their bases. From the bus terminal of Pristina, I walked to see the main attractions, which are the market, cathedral, churches and mosques. Mostar was my favourite town in ex Yugoslavia because of its eastern atmosphere. The famous bridge (most, in slavonic languages means bridge) has been reconstructed uniting the two communities living in both sides of the Neretva River, but at every side of it there was written a sign in English: DO NOT FORGET, and nearby a broken mortar. After studying the ex Yugoslavian history and seeing the recent results in the new countries, one cannot refrain from asking: was it worth all these wars and the hundred thousand people who died in them? I think no.

Favourite spots:
Diocletian Palace in Split
Diocletian Palace in Split
I liked Dubrovnik, Split, Sarajevo with its eastern market, Mostar turkish restaurants, Istria peninsula...

What's really great:
I specially liked the people. Noticing that I have latin features in my face, they talked to me in italian. A few times I was invited to have breakfast: in Skopke, because I had no local currency, in Belgrade and in Pale.

The bridge of Mostar (Most means bridge in many slavonic languages). It has been reconstructed.

If you are on a budget, please find a private house to sleep. They are very popular and cheap. I can recommend you the one owned by the shoe repairing man in the centre of Mostar. His shop is in the pedestrian street. He speaks english and german.

In Mostar you feel the eastern atmosphere. Have lunch in any of the many resaturants with terraces facing the river. People are friendly and prices are cheap.

Published on Sunday June 19th, 2005

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Mon, Jun 20 2005 - 01:55 AM rating by picasso

Nice report.I do agree with you-war is not the solution and especially (besides the death,what it brings) when after it splitted people apart,people who lived in peace with each other for Centuries.Ugoslavia ones was the best Eastern block country!
Thank you for sharing.


Sun, Jun 19 2005 - 05:42 PM rating by jgrant8

A pretty good first report. Johnnie

Sun, Jun 19 2005 - 08:57 AM rating by gloriajames

hiya...nice report but pics would help achieve higher ratings.

Sun, Jun 19 2005 - 08:56 AM rating by kandath

A very nice report with wonderful fotos. Well done !
Kris Kandath

Sun, Jun 19 2005 - 07:52 AM rating by davidx

I do agree with Russ and I am sure you can reach the 5* standard. Well done. My 4 may be a bit on the generous side but it's such a treat to see something up to date on Mostar, which I have not seen since 1976.

Sun, Jun 19 2005 - 06:58 AM rating by bear495

Those are two beautiful photos in this report. This is a nice first report. With a little more information your ratings can be much higher.


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