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Anonymus report on New Orleans

New Orleans,  United States - flag United States -  Louisiana
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Life in New Orleans

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I moved to New Orleans in 1979 and spent two years there.It is a very busy place all hours of the day. Downtown you have the river market,the port, the French Quarter, the Superdome, and plenty more. You can take a trolly ride through the older part of the city and see beatiful old homes and communities. The river boats, the old forts, great food and entertainment. It's a real great place to see.

Favourite spots:
Jackson Square, which is in the river market district is a great place to spend the day. You are in center of the local happenings. There are artists plying there trades, vendors of everything from the unusual to the just plain weird,there are musicians performing and just people relaxing in the outdoors. There is the river,French Quarter, downtown,the river market,and plenty of food and stores with in walking distance.

What's really great:
The food was wild. Boudan, some type of meat susauge in a long bag. Crawfish, a little lobster that you rip in half and eat the meat from the tail and then suck the jucies from the head. Believe me you have to try this. Hurricans, a huge drink with something different in it every place you buy one. Ette tofette, a stew with who knows what in it, but served almost everywhere by everyone. Yes the foods good.

French Quarter at Mardes gras. It is one of the biggest parties you will ever go to. There are people from all over the country and the world who come for this and if you ever go you will know why.

The B-52 It's huge,with plenty of room for everybody. Good bands, friendly atmostphere, different things to do.

Any of the big names are good. But there are small restaruants around every corner.

Other recommendations:
The Superbowl. You can take a tour anytime of the year. It is a real experience to go see the workings of this stadium.

Published on Sunday October 13th, 2002

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