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marie-ange Norddorf - A travel report by Marie-Ange
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Norddorf,  Germany - flag Germany -  Schleswig-Holstein
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Amrum, an unknown paradise

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I shouldn't tell you, because what makes it a paradise is its secrecy. As well as the birds, landscapes and sand. But if ever you want to change your stereotypes about Germany, this could be a place to start with :-)...

calm and relaxing view wherever you look
calm and relaxing view wherever you look
Amrum is a little island in the North of Germany, very close to the Danish borderline. It is definitely not know in France, but not even in Germany - which is wonderful, because the quality of life thus remains exceptionnal (at least, I was told by some Germans on the island that Amrum was not know, but Christianj told me they do know about it. So it's a double miracle :-)). Actually, what I meant is that it is not a touristic place at all. You can feel it easely with the coulorfull flowers at all the houses, the thatch roofs, the nice gardens and streets... You have in the same place cosy villages, blond sand beaches, sandhills, and forests. Amrum has a few sisters, among wich Syld, which is very popular for its casino. Trust me, Amrum is 10000 times better ! If you like peacefully walking, surfing, swimming, riding horse or bycycling, this is the place.

Favourite spots:
Norddorf travelogue picture
I loved the beach, with its coulorfull 'strandkörber' ('sandbaskets', wood banks protecting you from the wind while allowing you to enjoy the sun). But the place that really made feel like staying there, is the protected area in the sandhills - you can walk, but only on wooden bridges that make ways through the hills without aggressing the seabirds' nests. This way, you can go until a lovely red lighthouse.
Still I have to admit one thing : we were incredibly lucky to have sun along the 4 days during wich we were there, because I was told the weather is not always so nice. But when it is sunny, it is definitely fantastic.
To follow the advice of Ravi, another Globo member, allow me to specify that I will add pictures soon, I just need to scan them (trouble with the machine, presently) and insert them. SO, I'll be back!

What's really great:
Norddorf travelogue picture
The kindness of our hosts ! We slept in a bed and breakfast hold by a very nice lady - physically imposing, but a lovely person. We (me and my boyfriend) were not very rich, and did not calculate well the day we were to pay the rent : she let it go, and said she wanted us to keep a good memory of our stay in Amrum! Her name is Frau Johanssen (I'll have to add her in the good addresses). I also highly recomend the Teehaus (Tea house) where my friend works in the summer: Tee Haus Burg : it is apart from the rest of the village, and you can eat fantastic pancakes among the trees and the garden, just watching the sandbeach in front of you and listen to the never resting sea birds. My friend invited us several (after we had eaten!) - and when we protested, a friend of his told us : don't be worried : when a German makes you a gift, he really means it, so it is his pleasure as much as yours. Don't refuse it. Can you imagine such an atmosphere?

Norddorf travelogue picture
I told about Frau Johanssen's place. It is cosy, quite cheap, and the rooms are well equiped, if you don't pay attention to the wallpaper. But I think any bed and breakfast would do, because the whole island is very well preserved and the inhabitants care about the quality of their surroundings.

Norddorf travelogue picture
No clubs there ! It is not part of the style, it is rather a place where you will look for calmness, peace, nature and rare neighbourhood.
Oups, I forgot : there is a bar on the beach of Norddorf, that makes very good caipirinhas. But it closes at 1 or 2 in the monrning, better know it :-).

Teehaus Burg. The restaurants in general are ok, although a bit expensive. The food is not always fantastic, to be honest. Teehaus Burg has the best pancakes of the island (salty and sweet, decorated with flowers), with the smile of the waiters, on top of that.

Published on Tuesday December 7th, 2004

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Tue, Nov 14 2006 - 11:31 AM rating by marianne

Interesting read about is secret spot

Thu, Dec 09 2004 - 02:22 PM rating by badenlac


Thanks for your wonderful report about Aarhus.I have ever been to europe to go abroad.I like tradtional, mini and quiet place to look around.I am attracted by your description.I hope I can go to Aarhus to visit.

Wed, Dec 08 2004 - 04:49 PM rating by willauer

Guten Tag Marie-Ange,
thank you for the wonderful report of Amrum Island. I was there 20 years ago. Your description is perfect.

Merci beaucoup

Wed, Dec 08 2004 - 12:15 PM rating by mistybleu

Its always nice to find a place which is off the beaten track. Nice report.
Misty ((*_*))

Wed, Dec 08 2004 - 12:05 PM rating by christianj.

Hi Marie-Ange,

that is really an affectionately written report. Fantastic!! Hope your scanner already works again... ! By the way: In Germany, Amrum is well known - not by everybody, but the bigger parts of the population.

Take care, Christian

Wed, Dec 08 2004 - 05:06 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii marie,
nice to read your report on norddorf ,why dont u add some pic to make it more attractive

Tue, Dec 07 2004 - 09:11 PM rating by rangutan

Superb report of a remote place, difficult and yet well described (not like those of big cities, Berlin or Shangai), nice tip.! Wish some pictures?

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