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Member snaps Pocos de Caldas - A travel report by Kristina
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Pocos de Caldas,  Brazil - flag Brazil -  Minas Gerais
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Meeting my netfriends

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Probably most of you have never heard of Poços de Caldas before and are wondering now where it is located. Well, P.d.C. is located in the South of the state of Minas Gerais, about four hours by bus from Sao Paulo. I hadn't heard anything of this city either till I met Gi and Mi in a chat-room in 1999. We started writing emails to each other and we became really good netfriends. Then they invited me to come over. In summer 2001 I finally managed to visit them and since then we're real friends :-) Now some facts about Poços. It's a health resort and has about 130,000 inhabitants, but because of all the parks and avenues it rather looks like a smaller city (this is meant positively!!!). It's surrounded by mountains and as a result: forests. Poços has some really nice historic buildings as for instance the Palace Hotel or the thermal bath.

Favourite spots:
the parks and avenues, the Palace Hotel, the waterfall, the little rainforest at the Lover's Fountain, the Christ statue (from where one can enjoy a beautiful view over the city for it's located on a hill), the Japanese Garden

What's really great:
One thing about Pocos I appreciate very much is the fact that, compared to other Brazilian cities, it's a relatively safe city; which has also been confirmed by a German embassy by the way.

parks and avenues, Palace Hotel, thermal bath, waterfall, Christ statue, Japanese Garden, Lover's Fountain, artificial lake, Country Club

There are many restaurants downtown. However many are self-service restaurants, which seem to be very popular in Brazil.

Published on Saturday March 1th, 2003

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Wed, Dec 29 2004 - 06:23 PM rating by nedkelly

I was in Brazil for 3 months and have to say stayed off the beaten track mostly. Didnt find this place ..sounds cool though!! good pointers , If your heading back there anytime look for a beach called Jericoacora out of wont regret it.!!

Tue, Jun 22 2004 - 11:19 AM rating by jheeger

I've been to Pocos de Caldas in July 2002 to participate in the Brazil Cup soccer tournament. What makes this city so different to where I come from (Cape Town, South Africa) is the absence of crime and the hospitality of the people. The view from the Christ statue over the city is memorable as well as the Lover's Fountain, Japanese garden, etc. The highlights of my tour was learning more about the Brazilian culture, learning a little Portuguese and meeting many beautiful women at the Festa do Biscoito, Peoples nightclub and the stripper girls at Chacara
Veraneio. I love this town.

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