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cootha Port Moresby - A travel report by Catherine
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Port Moresby,  Papua New Guinea - flag Papua New Guinea
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Port Moresby

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This small city is the capital of Papua New Guinea and is the main gate-way to the rest of PNG from overseas. It is set on the coast on the southern side of the country.

Port Moresby is a falling down, sprawling city on the southern coastline of Papua New Guinea. It is the main entrance point to the country from Australia, Singapore and Japan. The airport is very basic (befitting of a third-world type country), but the service from the tourist personnel is second to none.

Favourite spots:
Ella Beach along the edge of the city (below the central business district (CBD)) is probably the nicest place. When the tide is out it can be quite smelly and the water is out a long way, but it is a popular spot for buying peanuts, bananas and other food items from the local street sellers which line the road and foot paths, and take up every inch of available space for their "stall". The steep hillside directly behind the beach is covered with large compounds where expats and the wealthy all live behind high walls and large security gates - testament to the dangerous nature of the place.
The view from the top of the hill behind the city (on the drive in from the airport) is lovely - looking down over the port, the beach and the CBD.

What's really great:
The people were my favourite part of Port Moresby - everyone we came across was more than happy to help us out and make sure our staywas a fabulous as possible. The people driving us around (in the hotel-owned van) were quite happy to take us on the scenic route wherever we were going and it was great to have a "guide". Another thing that was great was their absolute LOVE of Australian Rugby League - they each have a "team" that they call theirs (even though it is in Australia) and will devour any news of what is happening in the games at every chance. They were also very keen to keep in touch with us after we had left.

The Ponderosa Family Hotel was a fabulous place to stay - relatively close to the airport, essentially in the suburbs, and very safe. The lovely proprieters came and picked us up from the airport in their beat-up old van as it is too dangerous to get to the hotel using the local public transport.
The accommodation was basic, but clean, all the taps worked, each room has a television with satelite channels, and the food at the onsite restaurant was cheap and excellent - a good introduction to some local food types (which I had not heard of prior to my arrival). We were waited on hand and foot and really enjoyed our stay there.

We visited only one restaurant in Port Moresby - down on the waterfront in the city. It was nice, but only frequented by expats and tourists due to the rather expensive meals and drinks.

Published on Tuesday July 4th, 2006

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Sun, Jul 09 2006 - 06:29 AM rating by mistybleu

I would have loved to see some pictures, but very interesting. Amanda

Fri, Jul 07 2006 - 05:30 AM rating by davidx

This report is basically good - as far as it goes. You could lengthen it legitimately by more general info [eg climate, special meals or customs.]
Be catholic in your understanding of the other section titles.

Thu, Jul 06 2006 - 10:24 AM rating by st.vincent

A bit short but you describe your experiences very well and it was entertaining to read. Some pictures would be great, I can visualise the locals sitting on Ella Beach crowded round a TV cheering on their teams in the rugby league.

Couldn't work out what the CBD was.


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