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yuliangpang Riano - A travel report by yuliang
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Riano,  Italy - flag Italy
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Riano---My Second Report on Via Flaminia

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Riano was my second stop along via flaminia. It was just at the outskirts of rome, it was so close and easily approached by car from Rome that I did not expect I was getting there, because I was seeking another place on my travel agenda, Malborghetto.

The eldest thing in Riano
The eldest thing in Riano
It takes 30-40 minutes from Rome to Riano. It is just located on the right side of Via Flaminia (from Rome direction), but there are very few information about it, the only quite detailed information in English that I could find was from a website called romeartlover, where a very short passage on via flaminia was given. But those who came before me usually kept silent on Riano gave me an very strong hint that Riano was nothing interesting, and then I supposed to be there just for a quick look.

It was on sunday, but I saw here many people were still working, which was quite unusual in Italy (It seems to me that nobody wanna work even on the working days), but all they did were construction. I was easily belied by my first sight and decided just to take pictures for my travelling report, if there were some words about it. I managed to park my car in a courtyard before a church. I even did not know where I should go. An old priest came up and asked me" where did you want to go?" I replied in very poor Italian"I would like to visit the town, but I have no idea where I should go". I did not know whether he got my question or not, but he replied "Convento", I nodded and then I followed his instruction to get there. The real name of that place is Cittadella Ecumenica Taddeide, and it used to be a convent which was designed by Frati Cappuccini and commissioned by Cesi family. It is quite spacious and comprises of two part, one is a small church for religious purpose, the other was probably for residence or school.

After finishing the convent yard and taking my car, I decided not back to via flaminia, but to go a little bit further to see whether there were something new. It proved to be a smart decision, otherwise I would miss the most essential things of Riano and give an imcomplete and totally different judgement in my report about Riano.I saw a big castle impressively perching on a huge tufa rock, and I decided to take my time and have a look.

Favourite spots:
The pride of the town
The pride of the town
Riano has a medieval gate which claims to be the oldest thing of the town. But it does not look like as old as the two wooden doors, and the left one has already been dilapdated, some part is missing, reminding me of the image of an aging man lacking one tooth. Standing the square before the gate, you will grasp the real heartbeat of Riano. Italy is facing the same problems as China, most people prefer big cities, and many rural areas are therefore abandoned. Riano is just a living story of this trend. All the hilltops around are being occupied by new buildings, most of which are just under construction. I know it was not built for the Rianeses, but for the Romans. Riano has some priviledges as being in the vicinity of Rome, many people who can not afford to buy a residence in Rome or fed up with the city life come to Riano. I saw many Arabics in Riano, I knew it from the smell of grilled lamb, like Kabab.

What's really great:
Church, Peace refuge
Church, Peace refuge
Passing the medieval gate, walking along the road called Via Umberto I, you would reach the main square, Piazza Piombino, which hosts the castle, a small church called Chiesa Parrocchiale dell’Immacolata concezion.

The castle, I am not quite sure of its real name, probably Castel Baronale, was not as impressive as you saw it from underneath. Unfornately the castle as well as the main square were also under renovation, many cars were parking there, which turned the square totally into a great parking lot. I did not feel very well about that. But when I unintentionally opened the door of the small church, standing just at the left corner of the square, I immediately forgot the uneasiness outside. I found a completely different world, the church was quite small, but extremely clean and peaceful. That's the side that I expected from Italy. But you are seeing this less and less around Italy.


Via Regina Margherita
Via Regina Margherita
You can not imagine how Italians behave themselves so differently within and getting outside of church. They remain so respectful and gentle when they stay in church, but once they step out of it, their real side come immediately. This peaceful church in Riano and the unbearable big noise from cars as well as the disorderly parking plunged me into a deep thinking.

The small road lying at the right corner of the main square changed my mind. It was named Via Regina Margherita. I saw the essence of Italy, I was born to believe that a nation which loves flower is the one who loves life. This street was quite small, but with flowers and comfortable balconies. It was peaceful, though cars passing from time to time.

Walking down to the base of the castle, you may have funny findings. Some bricks are missing, the pigeons take these holes as their homes. I can not help thinking those buildings perching somewhere on the valley in Riano, they are like the pigeons, seeking refuge too.


There are places in Riano you can not afford to miss. The roads lead from the castle to the cemetry, actually it is in the direction back to the places which I descibed at the very beginning of my report, I think it was the new town of Riano, but there did some old buildings stretching along the road. I could not recollect the different names of the streets, but the one leading to the cemetry was called Leonardo Mazzini.

the old fountain from 18th century
the old fountain from 18th century
You may find a monument just at the foot of the castle, it is built for those who died for the course of Italy. You may also find a new fountain which is still under construction or renovation, but you may find the old fountain just a few steps away, It is from the 18th century.

new constructions on Riano
new constructions on Riano
What I liked the most in Riano was the huge high land just before the cemetery, it proved to be most ideal places for making perfect shots on the panorama of the town, you can put the castle as well as the drastic surrounding terrace of Riano in one shot.

the main square before the castle, ideal parking lot
the main square before the castle, ideal parking lot
Several bars and restraunts can be found at the very right foot of the castle. I think they are mainly run by Arabics, but I am not quite sure of that.

Other recommendations:
old residence
old residence
1. If you are not from Italy, and time is pretty precious for your visiting in Italy. You may certainly skip Riano, but if you want to know the current situation about the towns along the ancient Roman Flaminian Way, Riano definitely deserves your stop, where you may feel properly the pulse of the new development. I saw the most dynamic thing in Italy after staying here more than 3 years, people are working on the weekend.

2. Do not be belied by the first sight that you could see immediately after you enter the town from Via Flaminia, that's the new area. Nothing interesting, you may skip it and run immediately into the heart of the town, where the castle stands. You may finish it within one hour, but it does deserve, if time allows.

Published on Monday December 1th, 2008

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Wed, Dec 03 2008 - 09:22 AM rating by davidx

I had never even heard of Riano but it sounds as if it needs a visit. This is a really interesting report. I missed you first in the series but I shall find it now.
A most interesting report and fine pictures.

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