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braidedsoul Santiago de Cuba - A travel report by Joy
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Santiago de Cuba,  Cuba - flag Cuba -  Santiago de Cuba
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santiago de cuba

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The second largest city of Cuba, with stronger African influence and more down-to-earth people. It's also the cradle of Cuban revolution.

It does not have the flair of Havana, but the people are warm and friendly. It has a vibrant music scene, and is the home of the best carnival in Cuba -- happens every July. The city itself though is too poluted with old vehicles gushing out black fume, and the streets narrow with the tiniest sidewalks. The summer can get really hot, and its beaches not as good as Havana's, but it has several interesting museums, and is a great place to learn music/dance, and don't forget to take a 5-hour ride to see the more laid-back Baracoa!

Favourite spots:
Casa de la Cultura -- cozy spot to listen to local music and dance, drink a mojito and chat with locals (although only people with dollar bills at that time could enter. not sure what it's like now with dollars out of favor) Hostel de Basilia -- has fabulous food, in a lovely little place. The best shrimp cocktail, yum!

What's really great:
I got to know the locals, as I was taking a Spanish course. My host family cooked such good food and different each day, for me only! A full table of salad, meat/fish, beans, fried plantains, plus delicious fruit cocktails any time... Sitting on the patio savoring the healthy fruits in just the right amount of rum...yum...

Casa de los Abuelos -- nice patio, atmospheric. not much space to dance, however the locals manage to dance anywhere.

Casa de la Cultura -- kind of a hide-away place with lots of interesting cartoons/pictures on the wall, as well as Santeria wall paintings.

Hostal de Basilia -- more upscale yet at very reasonable price. Delicious food -- esp. after appreciating the paucity of food in Cuba it's a rare treasure to find gourmet food.

Santiago 1900

Published on Wednesday June 8th, 2005

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Thu, Jun 09 2005 - 05:09 AM rating by davidx

You have a good style and I enjoyed reading this and your report on Pushkar. However, when you are unable to produce photos, as I have been for a number of reports, you can't expect 5* ratings and it has to be very full of information to get a 4*. I regard a 4* as a very pleasing grading without photos and 3* as having been worth doing. This one is reading 2* after 2 votes at the moment and I feel sure you could give more information. I look forward with assurane to seeing some really high quality stuff from you in the future.
Cheers, David

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