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gloriajames Sorrento - A travel report by Gloria
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Sorrento,  Australia - flag Australia -  Victoria
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Mornington Penisula - Victoria

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About 95km from Melbourne lies the Mornington Penisula, a popular hoiday destination and is home to townships such as Sorrento, Aruthurs Seat, Point Nepean and Portsea.

Point Nepean
Point Nepean
The Mornington Peninsula juts out from the mainland to form the eastern arm of a pincer movement which almost completely encircles Port Phillip Bay. The narrow pointing fingertip of the Mornington Peninsula is Point Nepean and on the other end is Portsea, and in between you have the townships of Sorrento and Arthurs Sea. Head on down to Point Nepean first as not more than 600 people are allowed at any one time in a day. You may wonder why this place is so special. Let me share some light. Point Nepean only opened to the public in December 1988 after being out of bounds for more than 100 years. Thankfully, a recent campaign (just under a year ago) petitioned by numerous anonymous Victorians has saved Point Nepean from becoming a commercial development. Plans now are to keep the heritage and to preserve the environment of Point Nepean and turn it into a National Park. With that in mind, its best you come early to purchase entry tickets at the Visitor Centre. You can decide how you wish to explore Point Nepean, either by foot, cycle or the transport provided by the centre. I chose to catch the transport as it gives me the chance to hop on and off at the designated stops to explore further before moving on to the next stop. The main walking track starts at the Visitor Centre and makes its way out to the tip of the Point. There are four 1-km walks that branch off the main track. I found the Fort Nepean and Fort Pearce Heritage Walks particularly intriguing as one is able to explore the remains of the defensive network consisting of the fort, barracks, gun placements and passages. The fort provides amazing views of the turbulent entrance to Port Phillip Bay. This is where you can catch “The Rip”.

Favourite spots:
London Bridge
London Bridge
Portsea This is a popular but rather exclusive seaside holiday resort town with its calm sea waters and gently sloping crescent-shaped beaches backed by venerable English trees. However, the small sandy surf beaches along the ocean shore are turbulent and windy, with rugged stony headlands and backed by cliffs and steep dunes bound by dense coastal scrub. Popoular activities includes yacht races which Portsea plays hosts annually. Portsea’s famous attraction can be found at the Portsea Back Beach. Called the ‘London Bridge’, this rock arch was formed by the action of waves.

What's really great:
Sorrento A favourite holiday destination for Melbournians to escape to from the harsh summer. This town is as charming as Sorrento in Italy and its beauty attracts both young and old to patronise this town anytime of the year. Be prepared to walk and explore this quaint town as much as you can. Frequent the bistros, cafes, pubs and restaurants that line close to the sea. There is plenty to see and do with attractions that include: 1. Dolphin swim tours 2. Fishing and Sightseeing Charters 3. Nepean Historical Society Museum 4. Sorrento Aquarium 5. Coppins Walk, Ocean Beach 6. Sorrento Park and Adventure Playground 7. Sorrento Seaside Market

Arthurs Seat Chairlift
Arthurs Seat Chairlift
Arthurs Seat is a must do. Also known as the “Garden of the Moon”, Arthur’s Seat is the highest point of the Mornington Peninsula and provides panoramic views of Port Phillip Bay from its summit lookout. Hop on the chairlift for a scenic ride to a height of 304 metres. Set in a state park, you can go on bushwalks or enjoy a picnic in this stunning area. If you fancy getting lost in a maze, try the Arthurs Seat Maze for some fun!

Rosebud Country Club
Rosebud Country Club
1. Rosebud Country Club
This is a typical traditional family holiday resort. Its friendly, affordable and centrally located to Point Nepean, Arthurs Seat, Portsea, and Sorrento. Situated at 207 Boneo Road, Rosebud. Tel: (03) 59861481. Check out

2. Portsea Hotel
Point Nepean Road
Portsea Vic 3944
Tel: (03) 5984 2213

3. Portsea Village Resort
3765 Point Nepean Road
Portsea Vic 3944
Tel: (03) 5984 8484

Other recommendations:
Portsea - Back Beach
Portsea - Back Beach
other information guide:

1. Point Nepean Visitors Centre - Tel: 131 963 / (03) 59844276

2. Arthurs Seat website -

Published on Friday October 15th, 2004

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Fri, Nov 05 2004 - 08:32 PM rating by krissie

what a beautiful place! great page!

Tue, Oct 19 2004 - 06:16 AM rating by britman

Another ***** star report - excellent reading

Sat, Oct 16 2004 - 02:28 AM rating by picasso

Great informative and brilliantly written report
Thank you Gloria for sharing this paradise with us.


Sat, Oct 16 2004 - 02:24 AM rating by rangutan

Well described and beautifull pictures too!

Sat, Oct 16 2004 - 12:34 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii gloria,
well this place really seems to be quite and calm ,and nicely written by you.

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