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daniserralta Swakopmund - A travel report by Dani
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Swakopmund,  Namibia - flag Namibia -  Erongo
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Swakopmund. Out of place, out of time.

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It's a lively city. You love it or you hate it. At the end of the Namib desert where the brown sand crash against the blue sea there's a nice city called Swakopmund by the germans. A place to have fun.

Swakopmund travelogue picture
Quad motorbikes trough the sand dunes, parasailing over the city, sandboarding, camel or horse riding, skydiving, .... Is like a German city but in the middle of the desert of Namibia, out of place. With colonial architecturestreets with german names everywhere, monuments refering to the Second World War and an European beach atmosphere. Cheap beer and an excellent nightlife. Lot of action to enjoy this city and break your journey for a few days and stay relaxed if you want. Just watch out for the unpredictable sand storms cause the city becomes dusty and dangerous. (Specially if you have no flasses to protct your eyes!!)

Favourite spots:
In the city there's not much to see. Some II world War monuments and memorials for the anonymous died soldiers, the colorful lighthouse, the market in front of the lighthouse is also interesting if you just visit Namibia cause there are a lot of stuff from Malawi and Zambia. The National Marine Museum is also interesting cause the have some Rays and Sharks. It costs 3$. The Swakopmund Museum is not a must, the Old Prison and the view of the town from the end of the main pie with a very romantic sunset.

What's really great:
Swakopmund travelogue picture
The action is out of the city. There are a couple or three companies that organze all kind of adventure and extrem activities. Desert Explorers Adventure Center or Outback Orange are the most reliable and famous but any travel agency into the city center can arrange all for you. Quad biking, parasailing, horse riding, sandboarding .... a lot of funny activities to enjoy if there's no sandstorm. Is very funny cause you always join some other people to race trough the dunes with your quad ...

There's a lot of cheap accomodation in Swakopmund and easy to find cause all are in the small city center.
Willa Wiese is clean, nice, with a great bathrooms in the rooms, safe and in a walking distance to the beach.
Is in Bahnhoff strasse just at the yellow bricks wall.
There are other like Desert Sky Backpackers(35, Lathareth strasse)
or Alternative Space ....
Many options for 6 or 7 $ per dorm / 15 to 20$ for a Double.

The name of the game is Gruner Kranz.
That's the right place and the epicenter of the nightlife in Swakopmund.
Cheap beer, licor shots, good music, 5 pool tables!!, girls!!!
Is easy to find, everybody knows this place.
7, Nathaniel Maxuilili.
There are some other but not as good. Is safe to walk around Swakopmund, even at night. No problems. Is a really safe city.
There's also ahostel upstairs but it could be hard to sleep there at night with the music till late!!!

Cape to Cairo restaurant serve great dishes from all over Africa but specially from the southern africa.
Is really good, a little bit expensive but the dishes are big.
Self caterers can find averything at the Pick & Pay Supermarket.
Sam Nujoma Av. in the city center.
All around the city center there are bars and cafes and just walk to there and stay for an hour looking the life going trough is a good option.

Other recommendations:
Oh! I can't remmember the name but anyway there are some internet cafes in the city center with a fast conection and with a good rate per hour.
Sometimes this city seems to be a Walt Disney decoration and you can be confuse. Am I in Africa???
There are buses going to Windhoek and to Walvis Bay (Really close.)

Published on Tuesday August 23th, 2005

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Fri, Sep 09 2005 - 10:36 AM rating by magsalex

Will look forward to the pics

Tue, Aug 23 2005 - 09:22 PM rating by eirekay

Daniel, your description reminds my of Caracas, Venezuela which has section that look like Bavaria! Nicely done!

Tue, Aug 23 2005 - 04:06 PM rating by mistybleu


Cool report, wish you were home now, so I could see the pictures. I want to go to Namibia next year for my birthday.
Catch ya later

Tue, Aug 23 2005 - 08:01 AM rating by rangutan

Well described and I agree that sometimes one wonders if its in Africa. Any pictures? I lost mine!

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