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nikofino Tikal - A travel report by Niko
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Tikal,  Guatemala - flag Guatemala -  Petén
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nikofino's travel reports

A hidden paradise...

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I found paradise in the middle of the beutiful junble of Guatemala. Right on the shores of lake Peten Itza. Guatemala is the land of kindnes. People offer you all they can and open their homes, hearts and arms to make your stay the best it can be....

As my journey through the magical country of Guatemala moved along, I had to visit the Mayan Ruins of Tilka and Yaxha (where Survivor was filmed). I arrived in the mornig, and decided to catch a bus to Tikal (the airport is 45 mins from the airport). On our way there we stoped in this small town called El Remate, there you can visit many handcraft shops and small restaurants. Here is where I firs found the lost Paradise. I saw a sing that said Hotel Gringo Perdido which in english means Hotel of The lost Gringo. I had to go there. It was a 3km hike from El Remate on a trail covered by trees and the not so offten car that pased by. When I got to Gringo I went down a few steps and arrived at the most beutiful place I have ever been. It is a hotel located on the shores of lake Peten Itza, a clean and war lake that is surrounded by all kinds of trees and birds. This place is also located inside a natural reserve, so the purity and density of the jungle is unmatched. The hotel is as peaceful as it can get, the only sounds you hear are the ones from the birds, trees and wind. The suncets are spectacular, the sky mixes up in yellows, whites, blues and purples, to make the most vibrant orange I have ever seen. People there were very frendly, always going that extra step to make you fell like home, I will defenetly go back as soon as I can. The hotel is beutiful, with grate rooms and food. This is my idea of heaven...

Favourite spots:
My favorite spots in Petén are Tikal (of course) and Yaxha. These are two Mayan cities. They are said have been small cities or towns located on the circunference of one big city called "La Cuenca del Mirador". In any of these 2 places you can appreciate the knoledge these cultures had about mathematics, arquitecture and design. Their ancient ruins still stand even over 2000 years.
The most impressive part of Tikal is the "Plaza Mayor" or Main Plaza. Here you can stand in the middle of the plaza between two huge temples. It´s like all the energy goes through you, every plant and tree dance to the compas of the wind and you become part of history. It sends shivers down your spine. You can see the altars where the Mayan kings used to sacrifice virgins for the gods. And to the right of the plaza you find the court where an ancient sport used to be plaid, whit a ball made out of wild pig guts. The team that won was sacrificed, so they could be closer to the gods.
Yaxha is another story

What's really great:
The people...
The people...
I think it´s special when you go to other places and people open up to you. Beause you can go to places like NY, where the 5 star hotels and get the best custumer service there is, but in places like Guatemala, people give you something better, they give you a place in their hearts.

The temples...
The temples...
You have to go to Tikal and Yaxha at least. The Mayan cities that are in Peten are abundant, but these two are the most important and accessible.

One of the docks at Gringo
One of the docks at Gringo
Hotel Gringo Perdido, right on the shore of lake Petén Itza. Inside the wildlife reserve of Biotopo Cerro Cahui. Just 30 mins from the airport and 40 minutes from Tikal. It is a beutiful stablishment with grate food and people.

Other recommendations:
I have been to losts of palces. And nothing compares to the Mayan ruins. In Guatemala and Peten, there are lots of places you can go and visit. If you like adventrure travel this is the place to be. Just Peten is over one and a half the size of Costa Rica. The ruins are much bigger than the onse in Mexico. You can river raft, hike, canopy, horse back ride, explore, etc.
Guatemala city is not very nice, and safe, but there are places like Antigua (the old colonial capital of Guatemala), Lake Atitlan (the lake between the mountains), and ocean at Monterrico that will give you the trip of a lifetime.

Published on Wednesday January 25th, 2006

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Thu, Jan 26 2006 - 12:40 PM rating by bear495

This could be a very interesting report with a few photos, a bit more dialogue, and considerable help with spelling. This is not bad at all, but could use a bit of improvement.


Thu, Jan 26 2006 - 12:37 PM rating by delfster

hi there, i think you've written a nice report. although maybe you've spent most of your time there at the resort. but though, at least thanks for sharing your piece of paradise. but, a little addition on the life of the people there would make it better. happy travel to you, delvi.

Thu, Jan 26 2006 - 11:03 AM rating by rangutan

Nothing wrong with one promoting ones own country or a region but I agree this is more like an advertisement than travel report. It can easily be modified, what other hotels or accomodation are there on the lake or nearby? Reference to ownership of a hotel can be ommited from the profile too to avoid confusion! Anyway as a first report fair and I hope more follow...

Thu, Jan 26 2006 - 08:29 AM rating by davidx

It is quite wrong to use a report to advertise YOUR OWN hotel. I should give 0* if there were a way.

Thu, Jan 26 2006 - 04:07 AM rating by frenchfrog

It will be much better is more photos will be uploaded, good description given for a first report, but I don't see what softball and baseball have to do with Tikal, is it favourites spots (sites) you have to describe, not sports.
As models for your next report have a look at Davidx reports, they are great! You can still edit your report to improve it. But well done any way for your first time.

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