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Vittrup - A travel report by Ellen
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Vittrup,  Denmark - flag Denmark -  Ribe
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ellenkathrin's travel reports

sunday walking in the snow

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heavy snowfall all over Denmark... taking a long walk in the landscape around my home, very far out in the white country... visisting the coast to coast trekking route-

wind inthe hair, beatyfull white forests and fields... a lot of footsteps and tracks in the snow from fox, deer and other common danish animals.. the birds are busy visiting the feeding places outside my windows... we follow a part of the Coast to coast walking route, which passes by néar our house..

Favourite spots:
Vittrup Baun: a high place with a view, old signpost... Hærvejen!: The old cattleway up through Denmark from Germany.. The Coast to Coast walking route... walk from west til East in Jutland- a part of Denmark.. with a lot of shelters where you can tent and set up a fire and tap clean water..

What's really great:
To see all the undisturbed footsteps of the animals..

The nearest accomodation: Bække Kro, but set up your tent at the shelter places..

or visit Vejen for accomodation

i don't know any clubs- except the sports clubs in Vejen

som pubs in Vejen and Bække.. they certainly serve beers..

pizza bar in Vejen, Sønderskov slot near Brørup serves the most wonderfull food.. but Italy in Vejen is nothing to chill out about...

Published on Monday February 14th, 2005

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Mon, Feb 14 2005 - 03:47 PM rating by hieronyma

Hi, Walking in the snow sounds like a fairytale. In my part of the world it rains cats and dogs during wintertime. But setting up a tent in the snow???

Mon, Feb 14 2005 - 01:05 PM rating by davidx

Congratulations on doing what seems to be your first report. You'll have noticed htat reports without photos rarely get more than three - I'll be doing some myself soon but it's always a pity.
I htink you could probably have improved this report with some more detail such as - what type of animal tracks can be seen? what is the different accommodation like?

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