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Xiang Ay - A travel report by Toy
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Xiang Ay,  Laos - flag Laos -  Xiangkhoang
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Xiangkhoang, The Plain of Jars

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The Xiangkhoang Plateau is a plateau in the north of Laos. The highest peaks of the plateau are between 2000 and 3000 meters high. Several tributaries of the Mekong originate in the Xiangkhoang Plateau.

Xiang Ay travelogue picture
Bangkok - Udonthani - Vientiane - Xiang Kuoang

Too early to get up in the morning, sleepy me took the plane from Bangkok to Udonthani. After 1 hr of smooth flying, i arrived Udonthani, met some other olders friends. We had breakast and headed to the bus station. Only 80THB I paid for the bus from Udonthai to Vientaine, took a few hours to arrive in Vientiane. Crossed the boarder at Nong Khai, the immigration check took a little time as I am thai..easy to get into the neighbour's home.. But, we had to wait for other passenger, other foriegn tourists. They spent a lot of time at immigration. It's exciting as we almost missed the plane to Xiangkhoang. After got of the bus, took a local taxi...much more exciting...

Finally, we got to the airport on time and flew to Xiangkhoang.
35 minutes after, I was there in Xiangkhoang!! We rented the car from the airport to find the accomodation. Then, we went to the plain of Jars. The stone jars with no clues. Until today they still don't sure about the origin of these jars. This is the reason why I wanted to c...

Favourite spots:
the town
this little city, but lot of story. As the plains of Jars it self, there are 3 stories that i heard about its origin. The archeologist's still searching until today. It's myterious, ist it?

the plain of Jars
Tentative list of UNESCO World heritage site, one the when they annouce this is the world heritage, there'll be the impact of tourism. Gland to be here before that time

What's really great:
city life

still slowly there's no place in the wolrd that crazy like Bangkok, my home sweet home!!

the people

They are nice and very kind. No need to speak english as Thai can be used for communication.


Vansana Hotel, the price is a bit high. But the facilty is good!
It's located on the slope with the nice paysage. And, there's the bathtub in the room...................hoho!...................

Published on Wednesday December 19th, 2007

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Thu, Jan 03 2008 - 03:37 AM rating by downundergal

With more detail this would have been a terrific report. Do you have more pictures?
Unfortunately due to time limitations I was not able to visit here on my last trip to Laos but if I ever return it is definately one of my main stops.

Wed, Dec 19 2007 - 05:03 PM rating by davidx

Toy - this is a very promising first report. Good on you for starting so soon. However, to get top grades you need to fill in more headings. Next time don't rush to publish - hold it unpublished until you are happy that you have told all we might want to know about the area.
More photos would be good, as Rudi says and each heding lets you do another. I look forward to a lot more from you.

Wed, Dec 19 2007 - 04:45 PM rating by rangutan

Not bad for a first report but lacks some volume (like some of my own reports) and perhaps more pictures. Good tips! :-)

Wed, Dec 19 2007 - 03:43 PM rating by horourke

This is a very interesting report. I had not previously heard of this location. It appears from other web sites that one must be careful to visit only the sites where unexploded ordnance has been cleared.
Also it appears that archaeological opinion favours a bronze age origin. Ireland also had a very strong bronze age colonization. Good to hear about such mysterious evidence of civilizations about whom litttle is known.
As the report is sort i am rating two stars for basic content plus an additional star because thje locationis in my view exotic

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