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manouk8 Xilinhot - A travel report by Manouk
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Xilinhot,  China - flag China -  Inner Mongolia
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Homestay at Xilinhot, Innermongolia

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A short description on my homestay at Xilin hot, Innermongolia! I stayed at an Mongolian family for about 2-3 weeks and took part in their regulair mongolian/chinese life

I'll post some pics with it when I get back in Holland

I'm writing this report because when I was placed in Xilinhot I was looking for information about the city but I couldn't found much. So this is for all the people who will visit Xilinhot in the future Xilinhot is the second largest city of innermongolia and has approximately 200.000 inhabitants. Xilinhot is a populair destination for chinese tourist because the city is in the middle of the beautiful grasslands of Xilingol. From Xilinhot it is possible to make grasslandstours which often includes horseriding, traditional Mongolian diners in yurts/ger, traditional mongolian dance, wild flowers etc. My homestay father had a travel agency so for me it was very easy to join a large group of chinese tourist to the grasslands. Joining the group was much fun! Everybody wanted to go one a picture with me and during the busride they sung many songs. They also invited me to sing so I sung a dutch song (pretty false I must confess -- the didn't ask me to sing a second time)

Favourite spots:
I often went to the little park in front of Dekelong (a large supermarket) in the middle of the big shopping street. Just a nice place to read a book or just look at all different people. The park has some attractions for childeren and it's a populair place for grandma's and grandpa's with their grandchildren. Also I went to the temple and templesquare! The temple is one of the four temples of innermongolia. The temple is pretty small and the entrance fee is pretty high (20 yuan) but it's worth a look! When you climbed the highstair you will have a nice view all around you! My favorite spot were the grasslands off course!! Grass as far as the eye can see! Sometimes you see some horses or maybe some sheeps but most of the time it's only grass with some nice little rivers! Absolutely beautiful and a very natural landscape!

What's really great:
The mongolian music! When you have visit Xilinhot you must buy some grasslands cd's! The song are just so fitting for the scenery! The Xilinhot people! It's a really rustic place to dwell with very friendly people! As far as I know the chinese and mongolian live good together!

Transportation: every taxiride within the city will cost 5 yuan! They don't use metres!

From Xilinhotairport you can go either to Beijing or Hohhot. A flight is about 500 yuan!

I stayed at a Mongolian family and that was absolutely great! When really want to learn about chinese culture and experience their daily life I would recommend a homestay!!

Basically a day looked like this:
Get up at 0745 and breakfast, going to work/school
Back at 1200 for lunch and then a short siesta
Diner at 1800-1900
Evening: watch tv or make a walk of hang out with friends

There are many hotels in the city (I know 5-6) but I don't know if they are good...

In the summerweekends there are free lifeconcerts on both squares and it's always packed with people. Usually it's tradional mongolian music and dance! I would definitely go there! Also you can always go to a KTV, a DVD room or just have a nice drink on a terras. There is this cute little wooden building on the edge of Xilinsquare where they have really good and really cheap kebab.

There is a lake on the edge of the city where you can hire a boat or take a swim (I got the feeling there were signs saying swimming was forbidden but since there were so many people in the water....). Also I would advise you take a walk in the city and just join some people who are playing chinese chess or cards. They will probably invite you for a game so it's the best to learn some games (very easy and very interesting). Myself, I played chinese chess with taxidrivers haha!

Most of them are good! One time I went to a restaurant to eat noodles and I saw (a living) sheep carried from a car to the sidewalk. To my big surprise a guy with a large knife killed the sheep right in front of me. And started to take the skin of... A few minutes later all the organs where took out! You will understand I didn't feel so hungry anymore...

In my homestay the food was really good and very diverse! One thing you must try is Nai Cha (milkthea). They drink it in the morning and afternoon and I thought it was really good! You can put cheese in it and other stuff!

The tradional mongolian food is a lot of meat! Often with blood! I didn't really like it because it taste really raw...

Published on Thursday August 10th, 2006

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Fri, Aug 11 2006 - 03:23 AM rating by rangutan

An amazing experiece and excellent report. We are looking forward to the photos.

Thu, Aug 10 2006 - 07:22 AM rating by mistybleu

Nice attempt, for your first try. But I really would like to see some pictures.

Thu, Aug 10 2006 - 06:31 AM rating by davidx

I found this difficult to rate, as without photos I hard it hard to envisage the grasslands.
Your glimpses on Chinese life are fascinating and I think a few more would improve the report.
I feel no doubt that we shall see some other very good reports from you.

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