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Bebe's Travel log

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The not-so-cool thing about this is it is not, well, 'LIVE' from wherever I was. But anyhow, this is the step-by-step journey I've hope you'll enjoy it a bit :)

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Apr 12, 2008 06:00 PM Borderline

Borderline So I think I slept well half-of-the way to the Egypt border, crossing over to Israel. We got to the border around 2pm and after a very very smooth entry process into the country, we we're on the way to our first destination in Israel, which is the Dead Sea. The ride was quite long, passing thru Eilat and probably half the country's desert. Everybody was in good spirit on finally arriving at the Holyland, so we're off to a good start mentally. We made a rest stop at this one place, and I bought coffee and croissant at an Israel equivalent of Starbucks, called Aroma coffee and was impressed! Great latte and croissant. We moved on and got to the Golden Tulip at the Dead Sea, had dinner and I fallen pretty fast to sleep...

Apr 11, 2008 06:00 PM Following Moses' Tracks..

Following Moses' Tracks.. ..with the difference that it took about 7 hrs, instead of 40yrs with a bus instead on foot :p so anyway, we left Cairo pretty early and before heading to Sinai, we made a quick stop at the St. Simon Tanner Church under the Moqattam mountain. You have to pass to the garbage collector village (Zaballin village) to get to it. The church is gorgeous in an Indiana Jones sort of way, more of that later. We then continue on, passing on the way the amazingly pretty Red Sea (Teberau sea) and stopped at one of the resorts for lunch before crossing the Suez canal. The ride through Sinai was fascinating, but then again maybe I'm just one of those people who likes looking at rocks :) because I think the view's absolutely a pity to miss. On the way we stop at places traditionaly believed to the bible's Mara and Elim oasis (accord. to the book of Exodus). We got to Morgenland Hotel in St. Catherine just in time for dinner..

Apr 11, 2008 06:00 PM Up the Jabal Mousa

Up the Jabal Mousa Ok, so after less than 3 hrs sleep I got up and quickly get dressed for the climb up Mt. Sinai. We left the hotel at around 12.20 and the 14 of us arrived shortly at the camel 'terminal' on the parking lot of the Sinai hiking station (I think it was that, it was really dark, so I'm just guessing). After approx. 2 hrs camel ride we arrived at the start point of the hike. Btw, the stars above was absolutely spectacular. From there we started the long walk up. It was dark and we're each kind of alone cause there's no way to stay in 1 group, really. The only source of light was individual flashlights. It was cold, tiring and I'm really sleepy and sweaty and out of breath yet determined to make it all the way! ;) Almost everyone manage to get to the top on time for the sunrise and it was sooo worth the struggle going up!! The view was breathtaking (not that there's much left of air in our lungs..hehe) and religiously, it was a great faithful experience. I went down a little behind my group then met up with them in the St. Kathering monastery. We take a little tour around the place and heads back to the hotel for bfast.

Apr 10, 2008 06:00 PM The Wee Hours in Cairo

And thank God, we're here at last! We got in around 3am in Cairo Int'l Airport and was greeted by 2 very handsome immigration officials *giggle* After a bit of a hold-up because of a minor visa issue, off we go, all 17 of us, to the hotel - worn out but in pretty good spirit. We stayed at downtown Giza, at the Zoser. Not a bad hotel all-and-all though it has received it's share of bad reviews. The bathroom was not so great (I'm always really particular about bathrooms) but it was ok. Anyway, we checked in, got our room key handed out & head to our rooms. Took a quick shower and off to bed - we got to get up in less than 4 hours...aarrggghhh!!! :D

Apr 10, 2008 06:00 PM When in Cairo

When in Cairo First morning in Cairo. Had a fair breakfast and heads out to the pyramids. What a sight! Mind you, I had always wanted to go ever since I was a kid. I always has a really soft spot for ancient buildings (or ruins) in my heart and Egypt of course ranks pretty high up there with me. We took loads of pics and I went inside the pyramid with Michael, our tour leader extraordinaire :) That's one interesting experience, We stopped by the near by sphinx, and then to 'Relax' perfume shop - which was really quite fun - and we did smell great afterwards..hahaha. Had lunch at the Nile Dragon (caution: Chinese is NOT the thing to eat in this country...stick to the local cuisine, people!!). We next went to old Cairo to the Abu Sirga church and it's neighbour, Ben Ezra sinagogue. Next we went to a papyrus place. The evening was spent on the Nile Crystal cruise, dinner & watching belly dancing, and other Egyptian dances. Got stuck in Cairo traffic heading back to the hotel. And that wrapped up the first day..

Apr 09, 2008 06:00 PM Running Away Mad

Well, that's what it feels like anyway. The minute the plane takes off, I can't help but feel that adrenaline rush of...well, running away. You see, I don't get homesick, I'm not the kind of person who's attached to her home country, frankly I've as happy as when I'm a bit far away. So leaving was reaalllyyyy ffuuuuunnnn. I always miss the food though...hehe. I'll tell you one thing, Jakarta (Indonesia's capital, folks) has the best food. So if you ever travel there, do eat...a lot! Drop me a line and I'll give you a recommendation or two. Anyway, off I go, heading to our transit destination, the Abu Dhabi International airport. It's approx. 8 hrs on board the Etihad and I think I watched Juno, The Great Debaters and listened to Paul McCartney and Kate Nash. I don't sleep on planes no matter how long the journey takes ;p Oh, by the way, I'm on my way to Israel, via Egypt with a tour group (this is the 'normal' way to travel there for Indonesian...not very adventurous, I know *sigh*).
Ok, moving on..

Apr 09, 2008 06:00 PM Sights for Sore Eyes

So we arrive at Abu Dhabi around 10pm, if I'm not mistaken, I think I was there once a really long time ago, and don't quite remember how it was. It is, of course very busy, bustling with people. So many of them!! But I tell you, I've never seen so many good looking people in one place at one time, or maybe it was just a good night..hahaha. Anyway, good looking people are always a joy to look at, it's like looking at movie stars, sort of. It did made the 5 hrs transit bearable, as the airport feels a bit stuffy (I seriously object to the green tile dome, sorry - it quite pretty but don't do much for the place) and therefor not so comfy, and you can't really walk around that much, so after 2 rounds you basically have a pretty good idea where everything is. Our flight to Cairo leaves around midnight, not much to report :)

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