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Eire's Travel log

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Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.

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Jun 21, 2008 06:00 PM Two nights on the Sahara Desert

Two nights on the Sahara Desert There is nothing to compare with sleeping out in the open on the desert. The first night we slept on a high dune on the blck desert, under a full moon. The wind blew softly and there were a million stars. We had only a wind break - no tent.

The second night we spent on the white desert with it's amazing formations. We had small desrt foxes come to eat with us. I have a picture of a fox at John's feet. It was amazing.

we are now in Luxor, and with all it's wonders, I actual miss the quiet temples of the desert. They are smaller and less wonderous but more intimate and we don't have the share them with large, noisy groups. It has been marvelous. My only complaint is that we had security assigned to us. A very nice plain clothes officer with a gun on his hip. He is patient with my taking of pictures, but he tails us like a second skin. It is 46 degrees and has been as high as 51, which equates to 123.

We are back to Cairo tonight on a train and then off to Alexandria the next day.

Jun 15, 2008 06:00 PM In SIwa-the city time forgot!

In SIwa-the city time forgot! Still missing luggage but this is amazing. We drove all day yesterday - 10 hours, but much of it was by the Mediterrean Sea and it was stunning. Siaw is like the city time forgot. It looks like something out of the bible. We hike an abondoned fortress last evening. This morning we saw our first egyptian tomb and I almost cried - it was so cool. We saw the Oracle of Amun where Alexander the Great was crowned, and swam in Cleopatra's pool. This evening we rode a donkey cart to an island in a large lake to watch sunset. John got to drive the cart part of the way back. So strange to see an island/lake and sand dunes at the same time! There is a feel to this place that really takes you back in time. There are almost no tourists so we have places to ourselves. The downside is that it is 115 at mid day. All the same, this trip is already worth the price of the airfare!

Jun 13, 2008 06:00 PM In Cairo - flew over Giza!

In Cairo - flew over Giza! It has been an experience already. We barely made our transfer in New York. We got here and my luggage was the third off....but John's never arrived. There were about 20 bags that didn't make it. When we got to the hotel tonight, we were told that they may be in Germany. They think they will have ours meet up with us in Luxor in 8 days since this is the next time we are truly accessible.

That said, there is NOTHING that compares to landing in Cairo. A freind told me "Sit on the left hand side of the plane, whatever you do." Didn't say why, just do it. Why is because you see the pyramids at Giza out the window. Not only do you see them but you circle them. I will never forget what that looked like. I had goose bumps!

We made a mental inventory of teh contents of John's bag and the Travel Agency helped us get camera chargers and a cellphone (long story that one). We went to the big museum in Cairo straight from Radio Shack - yes, Radio Shack. It was amazing!!!!!! Tut and all his belongings are here right now but there are so many other beauties. Mummified crocodiles 20 feet long! We sat on the stairs in one room for ten mintues just taking it in. It is a little overwhelming.

We finally got to the hotel at 4 and had to go back out to buy clothes for John before the stores close at 5. stores is a loose word for stalls. The clerk gave us directions and we walked about 5 blocks. Lila, this makes our Delhi walk look like a piece of cake. AND I don't ever want anyone to translate some of the comments given in my directions - I get the gest. The arabic paid off. I was able to negotiate two shirts and a pair of pants, translate the size (28 X 32) and get back to the hotel. They spoke NO english at all and we had a bit of a breakdown over getting my change back, but iot worked. Two shirts and a pair of jeans = $30 roughly. We couldn't get across the idea of underwear. John is sleeping wrapped in a towel while I wash out. Don't know how it will work once we are camping. Then we walked a bazzar because we hadn't eaten yet and John wanted a pepsi, However off my accent is, we are managing quite well! they speak slowly and smile lots. It works!

Tomorrow at 6am we leave for the desert. Us, and as irony would have it, all our scuba gear, wetsuits, etc, but no flashlights or camping gear which were all in John's. The agnet was quite proud - he chose a cellphone with a flashlight on it.

Feb 02, 2007 09:00 PM Crystal Clear day in Yosemite

Crystal Clear day in Yosemite Everytime I go up into the mountians, I wonder wny I don't go more often. About 15 years ago, I was driving up to Lake Tahoe to give a presentation. I brought a pair of hiking boots and some shorts, thinking that if I could finish by 4pm, I could change real quick and scramble up Eagle Falls before heading back home. As the altitude rose, my soul lifted with it. My shoulders relaxed and I felt light. Not even my business suit and stack healed pumps could keep me down. I realized for the first time that my reaction to the beautiful Sierras, which I have been drawn to for so long, was as much physical as it was emotional.

After a couple rough weeks at work, I decided to head up into my Sierras this morning to clear my head. Son #3 offered to keep me company so at 7am we headed out for a brisk 3.5 hour drive. As we rounded the corner to my favorite look-out, where Yosemite opens up before you, Half Dome squarely centered between tree lined granite moutains, my spirit rose. My shoulders again lifted and my heart felt light. We had a perfect day, hiking first to the base of Bridalveil Falls, then up to the Vernal Falls Bridge (Mist Trail is closed after that due to snow), then Mirror Lake and lastly, lower Yosemite Falls and the Meadow/Merced River trail. About 8 miles in all. Little snow pack in the valley so all the trails were hikable, with an eye out for black ice. The rivers had a crust of snow in places and the falls were the lowest I have ever seen in Yosemite. The weather smiled upon us with crystal blue skies. As we finished the day, we saw a family of does and yearlings on the edge of the meadow. They came so close that I had to change lens. Then as we drove out, we were gifted with the most beautiful sunset I can remember. Golden and pink and purple and blue. A gift froim God to close a perfect day, doing my favorite thing in the best of company!

Sep 03, 2006 06:00 PM The places inbetween

Sometimes the most striking things we see are the places inbetween the sights we came to see. Yesterday we drove for 8 hours between Udaipur and Jodpur, visiting a rural temple, Rankapur, in the middle. Today we drove another 5 hours after touring Jodpur and its famous fort. These drives are filled with usch wonder. The life these people live is hard by our standards, but they are so warm and friendly. They have a dignity and spirit that can be felt as well as seen. I feel blessed and touched to have viewed this life. At the fort in Jodpur, many rural people had come for a p8ilgrimage. My daughter and I are very blonde and very blue eyed. There was a sincerely curiosity in these people, but also a geniune warmth. They would giggle and then come up and greet us, shake our hands, ask to have photos with us. It was truly lovely to be able to communicate with them in any small way. We brought gum and small candies to give out and this is so warmly received.

This has been such a special trip. We are both deeply moved!


Sep 02, 2006 06:00 PM Beautiful Udiapur

We toured Udaipur yesterday - just beautiful! We went out into the countyside to visist several Hindu temples and then back into the City to tour the City Palace. This palace has marvelous mosaics, including very famouse mosaic peacocks. Many of the rooms have been restored. We then took a boat ride out to the Lake Palace, now a hotel, which sits in the middle of Lake Pichola. I am up to 1155 photos, but given all the sights, this is not out of line! We took an evening walk along the promanade bordering the Lake - very romantic. Being a Saturday night there were lots of local people walking.

Decorated Camels! Very sweet.

Today we drive 8 hours to Jodpur. I look forward to the drives! It is a wonderful way to see country life.


Aug 31, 2006 06:00 PM Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Pushkar, Udaipur

We are about half-way through our journey. It has all been amazing. When visiting India, everyone thinks of the Taj Mahal, but really so many of the things we have seen are magnificent. The Taj was incrediable, but so was the Red Fort, and Amber Fort, and so much else. We have enjoyed the drives through the countryside. We see camel herders and women gathered around water wells and children coming and going to school. It truly is a slice of a different world.

My daughter apparently looks like an Indian actress, Prijeta, and people stop us and ask to have their picture with her. It is a little strange. All the same, the people are so very nice and out going. We are having a blast. We tour the Lake Palace and the City Palace today.

Tomorrow 8 more hours in the car!

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