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Its a life! But we must do it with music

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Jan 27, 2006 09:00 PM Got there Bruce Bay

Got there Bruce Bay Six and a half hours later I made it to the landing place of Maui

Jan 02, 2006 09:00 PM Southern Westland Marae NZ

Southern Westland Marae NZ Going to the whare for a special meeting with my family. We are not the kind of family who should ever speed on roads ( especially this time of the year ) but I probably did speed, in fact I am certain of it. Why, because I left CHCH at 5.55am and made it to Kumara by 8.10am. If I work my math out properly, and no promises there, I shaved off just over one hour from all previous times of this journey. Now, I know I have a reasonable car, and I was travelling light, but either I was flying, or could have been killed.
In the "olden days" that is...when I was little... the Otira Gorge was something you had to be very respectful of. Now there is a beautiful Viaduct at Arthurs Pass which cuts off about 25 minutes from the trip ( maybe more if you ever experienced or tried climbing up the old Zig Zag as it was called in an old jalopy ) I have only been stranded on top of the old Pass road once. In a late model Mitsubishi GTO of all cars, which gave up the jig, and left me out of pocket some 200 bucks for the towing. As I drive past whats left of this old road, and see all the tourists motorhomes comfortably parked up at Devils Lookout while they take snapshots, can't help but think of the thousands who were escorted by convoy, or driven over by a kind local, such was the fear of the old route, which was so steep you had to tie your hair up or it would brush people's face in the back seat.

This is a lake with the sun rising from the east this time. And a road I think people travel on too fast. Someone was asleep in an old car along here I noticed-or their jalopy was broken- even the new Viaduct can hurt your vehical if it is not a good one. Though I have driven this road hundreds of times, it was special to see it this way for a change. In the early morning - 6. 25am, sun and mists on the lakes. The temp was about 17 degrees which to me , felt warm.

Dec 10, 2005 09:00 PM Lagging in Brisbane bound for NZ

Lagging in Brisbane bound for NZ Home NZ.

We arrived back lastnight on NZ 204, a shabby little Air New Zealand plane, with shabby looking air hostesses. I commented to them on my way out how lovely it was to see we are still using the old planes and crew from the 80's. Seats frayed, hairlines fractured.. it was the least I could do..another rubber sandwich had given me a pain in my tranverse intestine.

Highly recommend Virgin Blue airline.. if in transit,, and in waiting at Brisbane for an International Flight. Its a really good idea to pay the five dollars , and sit and wait in luxury. There are 3 playstation consols, a movie theatre, food, bathrooms, and you can take a shower. The normal annual fee is 199 per year and is probably worth it to the business traveller between NZ and Aust. The lag I had there was 5 hours. More to report later, but its my sons birthday and I am off to sing silly songs, blow those hooter things and do the paper hat routine. Yipee.

Dec 07, 2005 09:00 PM Boomers Xmas

Boomers  Xmas Instead of Reindeer, some Australians are telling stories about one " Boomer", otherwise known as the Christmas Kangaroo. Intriguing. Scary big red kangaroos called Boomers . An imagined replacement for good old fashioned Reindeer. Not so long ago this tale was made up as a childrens story about Christmas time, and told to all the little kids in Australia who all think it is way too hot here for reindeer. While a little girl Emma ( 2 ) and her parents helped me learn about a new tradition in her land, Riley and Cain played with Bundy. Bundy was rather mental. I always felt animals cannot handle anyone wearing orange t shirts like they both were. Cute but shockingly distracting.

It was just at the right time for everyone at Christmas- sunset- when the smell of a dead cane frog nearby softly wofts your way and bites your nose off. Almost walked over what I thought was a huge fist size chunk of old bark, such was its colour and size. But no, it smelled. It's final hours in hell, a tortured leg, ripped raw and red. A victim of dog attack. Later I was told these frogs get knocked about the lawn with a golf club for fun. They are such a pest. Woeful. I thought.

Dec 06, 2005 09:00 PM Bush Wise & Politics

Bush Wise & Politics Maori designs are everywhere in Cairns. I find it odd that stores sell Paua or Abalone shell but its stocked in very small quantities, compared to wood, Shells, crabs , corals, insects, kangaroo burgers. Notice the competitive and/or commercial opportunity. Australia supplies over 40% of the world's wild-harvested abalone, and its two main commercial species (blacklip and greenlip) have significant price margins over abalone species harvested from places such as New Zealand, Chile and Europe. In 1994-95 prices for Australian abalone reached record levels of $38-45/kg (whole weight). Since then market price has steadied at $35-40/kg.

Also there were maori styled jade pendants and mock off carvings. Rather nice designs, but a sad shade of stone used. Beef bones were one carvers substitute. One thing that stuck out was a maori head with a protruding tongue carved from a coconut. It was hanging on a bamboo shop display at the Port Douglas Market and almost hit me in the in the head when it was first pointed out to me. Things like this happen to some folks around Maori things but we are used to it and partially expect it.

As you enter dry lands and search for a sacred turuma ( latrine ) in the isolated bush, near a river , in fact anywhere up here, it is important to learn some basics on the bush. Danger control is up to you if you need to pee. Whilst hoping the vines won't start to slither, microscopic bugs burrow and run over your skin, creatures the size of pin dots making you feel dustier than ever. Your attacked by every living organism that has never seen man. In your bed, your shower, your sleep. Nets cannot help you. Air Conditioning, nothing. Be ready, to eat bugs and plenty of them. They are delicious and I do believe there's a market for Aust grubs in NZ. LOL.

Dec 05, 2005 09:00 PM Domestics in Oz

Domestics in Oz Hanging around the city today. Drove around a few circles,, Australian roads rather perplexing with roundabouts everywhere. Supermarket at Mt Sheridan, quiet, easy to find, COLES. Left Bundy, a fox terrier , inside the house..only not to find him when we returned. Next thing, screaming, wailing, thought someone was being killed next door. Slamming, sobbing out of control, cursing.. on and on, a great noise. Slowly crept up to the back fence, camera in hand, waiting to catch the "bastard " villian who must be attacking the hysterical woman. Ready to run in, call police. Silence,, then more screaming. Bundy shows up along side. More vocals from the crippled wife with 2 kids,, alot of screaming, something about :" going to charge someone, report to police, do him in, and come on kids,, we are out of here. Hmm,,, he must be a jerk,, but no sound of his voice?? Confused,, she must be on the phone talking to the man.

More screaming,, sobbing wont stop and been like that for 30 minutes. Better go over. See what gives.

Knock on door, ask how Mum is. Two kids say " can you come to the back fence " Invited in,, kids warn Mum is really angry at youuuuu!!!! Confused,, yes. She wont talk to you they said.
I said whats wrong????????

Next thing, this big blonde buxom women with a face crushed and swollen with tears , looking as beet red and ugly as the worst looking beach babe gone wrong you ever did see comes thumping across the patio,, NOPE NUPP,, I'm not talkin to no &^^(^ neighbour - Ive reported yah &*^*^)^ dog to the cops,, and if my dog dies cos of your dog, there will be hell to pay.

Well. Seems Bundy got under the fence, bonked her dog big time, and she was probably trying to pull them apart. Judging from this mad womans character,, we are in big trouble. Least I got her on my video to prove what an over reacting butthead she was. I think I'll hit the Kahlua and upload the video later.
The cam ( live ) is working well, all good for Green Island tomorrow.

Dec 04, 2005 09:00 PM Rainforest Walks & December.

Rainforest Walks & December. Since 1981 at Cape Trib, a company called Masons has been operating tours and rainforest guided walks on their 170 acre property. 4wd Safaris in a World Heritage Wet Tropic area and National Park mean your completely fitted out by the company with repellants, raincoats and flashlights. The vast amount of very real jungle trails you can explore, and the beauty of this place make the scene of Santa and Mrs Christmas on horseback there too much of a miracle before my eyes.
So I shut them.

Dec 03, 2005 09:00 PM Sun Day! Daintree Rain Forest

Sun Day!  Daintree Rain Forest The trip to the Daintree Forest takes about two hours from Cairns. In that time we passed about four vehicals going the opposite way. At times I wondered if this place really was a tourist destination at all such was the lack of human life on the road. Riley really enjoyed this trip, but all the while hoped a giant croc would show once we passed over the murky Barron River heading north. A zoo trip where I often start talking to animals in falsetto voices and other zany yodelling noises. ( hey,, all animals have a voice- i just happen to hear it ) ended with folding. Not into souvineer collecting, least of all hiring photographers of any type we settled for a zoo offering,, and got a pic with a Koala - about 15 dollars. Entry to Australia Tropical Zoo is 26 dollars per adult. We all got in for 50 bucks. Only worth it, if your truly a fan of animals. If not, this time of year might be a little hot, to be disapointed how long it takes getting around this very small zoo for that price.

Dec 02, 2005 09:00 PM Off to the Daintree Saturday 10.17am

Off to the Daintree Saturday 10.17am The Rain and the Forest of Queensland reminds me of the West Coast of NZ and are about as ancient. Wet Season is beautiful, the trees of giagantic proportions are so spectacular to simply stand quietly with in time, and because of some traditional mythology attached with them, it can be quite a moving moment to stop and think "positive" under a Rain Tree even if its in town. ( yep,, I do silly weird things but LOVE IT ) There is one tradition that tells of "Wonger" or "spirit animals" who created all the storms with their thunder and lightening. Ceremonies may be held to bring on storms and rain or just to ask for the torrents to stop. The rainbow serpent , turtle, the Great Dreaming Whale and the Lightening Snakes are all animals linked with thunder, rain, storm clouds and lightening. These types of stories are sacred to aboriginal clans of the far north.

Catching a boat will be fuhhnnnnn ,, I wonder if that trick of drinking a bit of salt water to rid that sea sickness thing really is true. We'll see.

IT troubleshooting tips: Tried to access Telstra from here today.. clear voice mail etc.
Hopeless. After burying my face in two yellow page books ( cairns has a small one and the large one ) , downloading a huge pdf file to read how to manage my call minder,, and taking the gamble on it,, I ended up sending a message to myself and getting no where. Apart from that, I have a manual the size of Wyoming to read for the camera. Geepers. I have so many bling blings I could microwave a family in 3 minutes just sittin with them in the car. Travel - oh yeah

Dec 02, 2005 09:00 PM Evening in the Rain forest at Cape Tribulation

This entry begins with a little more IT troubleshooting. First of all, Windows 98. I don't think I have seen it since 97. But here it is right before me in all its non shining glory at Cape Trib Beach House. Actually we are pretty grateful this is here. I have withdrawels at this stage if I do not see a blue screen somewhere.

Its an interesting evening. There is music going on in the background- something laid back- about a dozen people in the cafe/bistro, only about half of them are talking at the same time which is pretty good for Australians. I think the other half are tourists. Allot of them have white legs.

Because of my connection there is no hope of posting some pics at this time. I'll do it tomorrow. Meanwhile, got to save this quick,,, or it logs out at this speed

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