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Kalz's Travel log

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Its a life! But we must do it with music

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Dec 02, 2005 09:00 PM more evening tribulations

more evening tribulations Continued: Leisurely drove up through the Bloomfield Highway after a jaunt into the Cairns Tropical Zoo ( More on that later ) 16 dollars for a return ticket and crossed the Daintree River on the Ferry. Five minutes later we are over, and see a man with a better deal on bananas. Bought some, scoffed four in the car and lugged ourselves out of the car after another three quarters of an hour driving to a swimming hole you could die for as well as in if your stupid and jump off the ledge. It is clear, you can see the pebbles at the bottom, and it's very warm, refreshing and picturesque. Not far off the beaten track this far north of the Daintree, the road seal ends and the gravel as well as fords begin. At the first ' ford , there is a track which leads to this unique and lucky find spot. We pushed and paddled about in the water like buffalo, snorting compliments at one another about our most admirable track & bush skills. I learned alot about "Plance" in the bush. " Wait a while weed " so its called dominated the track in some parts, but as long as your not wearing wool, I think its effects on your clothes, or potential dangers of ripping your skin apart non existant if your a fast learner about "plance". Seriously, it grabs you though. Riley saw another snake.

Walked the beach after dinner, a simple salad and pasta dish for around 14 dollars. Accomodation at the Beach House are reasonably tidy, secure, and private motel units in the rain forest,, paths and lightened walkways, a pool, and direct beach access. Units are as low as 69 dollars per person.

Jan 01, 1970 01:00 AM Cairns Australia Nov 30th 2005 Getting here

Cairns Australia Nov 30th 2005 Getting here Did I say this is life??

Normally I can adjust in any situation I'm thrown in with travel , but I will never fully master the art of waiting at airports ( aka Ear Pots ) with children. To think I have wandered around them for up to 13 with a month old infant over 48 hours,, hmm. Must have been young and mental orm something. This is the first time in years I have travelled with one but apart from some moaning about my excitement being an embarrassment and sixteen trips to the toilet I grew to love my son again. Computers make one forget so I recommend GETTING AWAY WITH YOUR CHILDREN TO EVERY PARENT OUT THERE!
Left CHCH at 6am , service in plane - cheap and filthy. Was not impressed with it at all, eggs salty ol dog, with a few items, a block of wood carved into a piece of bread. A bowl of mango rind with a grape on top to make it look colourful. Coffee ( flat white was 4 dollars fifty in Brisbane, I asked if I could buy shares ) Took the air train from International, yes I cry on trains,, and spent another 100 bucks on coffee. Made it, arms outstretched , the weather perfect. Ahhh,,off for a rest . A real artists haven if your like me and into incredible beauty of plants and water. mORE ON THIS PLACE LATER

Anyway, I had a few techno issues to sort out with the laptop and connections here but was too trashed ( lol ) to work out the wiring etc. Say one thing, this town is growing and Iv'e lots to report and show when I get the gear on.

K & R

Jan 01, 1970 01:00 AM Wood & Snakes 1st dec 05

Wood & Snakes 1st dec 05 Wrote this really great travel entry today,,, deleted the lot by accident,, typical.

Jan 01, 1970 01:00 AM Fry Day. 9.36am

Fry Day. 9.36am Yesterday Riley heavily stomped over a pile of leaves leapt four metres sideways . A snake was laying there stone cold , rather young and an obvious victim of the traffic that goes past The Botanical Gardens in Cairns on Collins Ave. Sad really.

The Lagoon Cafe makes a mean Rum & Raisen icecream and I did not feel guilty slurping away at it in the heat. Suprised me not to see very many tourists about the area by the Pier. Although it was low tide, and the mud was a disgusting clod of shells and a bit of litter, The Radison Hotel along the Esplanade could be seen in a prime location and hardly hurting. The estuary looks better at high tide, and of course the man made lagoon was something the town needed. And more development is seen around this part of the city more than anywhere else.
The drivers are shocking and no one seems to understand how to operate indicators in their cars.

Settling in we took off to the grocery store, loaded up on cheap cereal, expensive bananas, and even more expensive veges. Bananas average about 2.50-75 per kg around these parts. And they are grown here! At 99 cents per KG right now in NZ, something seemed a miss.

The view from the bedroom window.

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