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jorge's Travel log

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Hola Viajero!

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Jan 11, 2007 09:00 PM Can you see the squirrel?

Can you see the squirrel? Redondela.
I saw many animals on the Camino. This squirrel was shy and climbed upper the tree when he saw me.

Jan 11, 2007 09:00 PM And now, can you see the squirrel?

And now, can you see the squirrel? Some animals are curious about you, but some others consider you an invader of their territory and can be aggressive.

Jan 09, 2007 09:00 PM Nature in the Camino de Santiago

Nature in the Camino de Santiago Porriño. This path is pleasant. The weather is chilly but I have good clothes and boots. The worst for the traveller is the asphalt, when you have to follow the road with noisy trucks that disturb you the atmosphere of peace in your soul.

Jan 07, 2007 09:00 PM Sign on the Camino de Santiago

Sign on the Camino de Santiago This pillar is a symbol of the Camino. The shell shows you the direction to follow, on the left. I still have 115 kilometres ahead. The nationalists make me aware that I am already in Galicia (GZ).

Jan 06, 2007 09:00 PM River Miño and Tui on sight

River Miño and Tui on sight I am on a pilgrimage on foot. I have crossed half Portugal. Now I am in Spain. I have to continue until Santiago de Compostela. I want to pray and ask God good health for my next daughter (who will be born in Moscow in August 2007), and also for her young mother.

Dec 12, 2006 09:00 PM Abkhasia...

From Adler I took a marshrut to the border with Abkhasia, Psou.
Lots of people selling mandarines, the only industry in that small rebel republic that wants independance from Georgia and to join Russia. The only currency there is the ruble but everybody gladly accepts euro and US Dollars.

I passed through customs, no problem, I only have clothes, a few books about religion and a bottle of exquisite Dagestan wine, a gift from my many friends there. I went to emigration and the officers let me proceed further. I walked and remembered that the agents had took my anexed sheet in my passport. It was not important since I had no intention to go back to Russia, but to continue further to visit Gagra, New Mount Athos monastery, Sukhumi... and to travel by boat to Trabzon, in Turkey, or overland to Tbilisi, in Georgia, and then Nagorno Karabakh.. etc., until Spain.

Adios amigos, Felices Fiestas y gracias por leer mi Travel Log!

Dec 11, 2006 09:00 PM Seventh Russian Caucasus Republic, Adigea. Job well done!

Seventh Russian Caucasus Republic, Adigea. Job well done! Arrival to Maikop, Adigea capital, end afternoon, only time to visit the main mosque (a gift from a UAE sheikh with Turkish elements inside). They treated me very well and said that the one who build a mosque in this world will receive as reward a palace in the paradise. Besides the mosque there is a huge monument since the USSR times commemorating the 400 years of friendship between Russians and Adigea people. Tomorow I will visit the local market and will head by train to Adler and then to Abkhassia, leaving thus Russia.

Dec 10, 2006 09:00 PM Sixth republic, Karachaevo Cherkessia

Sixth republic, Karachaevo Cherkessia I arrived to Cherkessk.

At the border with Stravopolski Kray an officer, 1.90 meters tall, almost 2 meters I think now, between Rambo and Tarzan type, with muscles everywhere, even in his ears, asked me baksheesh for champagnski. He was so nice and gave me so much information about the Caucasus and Abkhassia that I gave him 100 rubles for champagnski (a bottle of Sovietskoe shampanskoye costs about 70 rubles in the supermarket). Then he asked me for chocolate as well, because Russians drink champagnski eating chocolate. Finally I gave him 100 rubles more for chocolate. He was very happy and wished me luck during my journey.

Pleasant people in Cherkessk, most muslim. I found two Orthodox churches, one open, and the one of the picture closed. I will visit it tomorrow together with the market. The mosque is not interesting, and is situated at the end of the town.
Along the street Kirov, where the church of the picture is located, there is a double line of Soviet Union heroes statues. Cherkessk is a quiet capital. Tomorrow will leave for Adigea, my seventh and last Russian Caucasus republic.

Dec 09, 2006 09:00 PM I left Chechnya alive, Slava Bogu! Heading to Cherkesskaya respublika

I left Chechnya alive, Slava Bogu! Heading to Cherkesskaya respublika I took the highroad uniting Rostov na Don with Baku (called Bakinskaya Trassa) and wait in Armavir a marshrut (local minibus) to Cherkessk, my sixth republic.

Dec 08, 2006 09:00 PM Destruction in Grozny

Destruction in Grozny Chechnya capital was worst than Lebanon, Baghdad, Sarajevo... The picture shows Dom Kultur (The House of Culture). Most of the buildings were in ruins. I did not risk to get out of the car to take pictures, but from inside my friend Volga car.

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