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Yeik Loen's Travel log

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Dec 27, 2003 09:00 PM Going to Tongli

Going to Tongli Woke up and check out for Tongli, whichi s located about 80km south of Suzhou, this is located along the Grand Canal and its in the Wujiang area.

Before I left, I visited the Garden of Master of Nets, this was an impressive garden with lots of area and free english guide...!!! which was a real bonus...!!!

Left to Tongli in the afternoon on a bus from the southern bus station for RMB14 there. The journey took about an hour but the first impression you get will not be nice as the bus station was really small.

The entrance to Tongli was not very impressive as well, it was next to a main road, so it made the place very dusty and dirty.

Walk a little towards the town, you will be able to see some real old chinese town. The entrance to this town is RMB60 but its well worth the money since its includes 6 places. If you do not want to pay then you can go throught the side entrance, which is near the pier. But you will have to produce your purchased ticket before you enter the museums and such.

The food here are quite cheap and good, especially you have to try the dumpling which is located on the first left street once you have arrive in the main Tongli town, you will not miss it, in the morning he serve steam "Pau" and after 1430 he will serve fried dumpling which is the best I had so far.

Then I found a place which is located just behind the city hall, for RMB40 a night, very clean and new, but the only set back is that is in a restaurant and the toilet is located next to the kitchen but very clean.

After that visited an old old mansion with a beautiful garden and walk around Tongli.

Dec 26, 2003 09:00 PM Arriving in Suzhou

Arriving in Suzhou Was waken up early at about 0600 by some stupid idiot which blasted the music like he the boat was the venue for woodstock...!!! didn't manage to sleep as well, since every 30mins some guy will come knocking on the door shouting god knows what...!!!

Arrive in Suzhou at 0730 and immediately got a present from the local, a bird shitted on the head....!!!! which trying to bargain the price for a ride from the pier to the hotel, Dongwu Hotel on Shiquan Street. Very nice place to stay, lots of restaurants and pubs around this area.

Then I rented a bicycle for RMB10 for a day, which was quite a good actually since the city is quite big to walk and I am not use to the bus route.

Ate in some Food Court, it was cheap, like RMB4 for a bowl of mixed meat.

The Northern Pagoda was the first I got to by bicycle, can't remember now how much I paid I think it was about RMB20 for the entry...!!! It was alright actually since I got to climb but the pagoda and get a good view of the Suzhou...!!! and get my bearings right.

After that, which is a place that you should not miss, Tiger Hill, which you will find a leaning pagoda and beautiful gardens, bamboo, tea plantation, artificial lakes and you might be able to find some porcelain bits...!!!!!

Then I tried to visit the Silk Museum but unfortunately when I got there it was closed.

Returned the bicycle and then off for an early sleep.

Dec 25, 2003 09:00 PM Hangzhou in Lightning

Hangzhou in Lightning It was a very tiring day of travelling and didn't have a very good sleep the night before as it was Christmas Eve dinner in my aunt place. Was suppose to wake up at 0800 hours but didn't wake up until 0930.

The first place I went was Hefang Street, which is located south of the Yanan Lu. This street has been around this the Qing Dynasty and it has been nicely restored.

From here I took tourist bus number to 2 which ends in Linyin temple which cost RMB20 but you have to purchase another ticket before you get to enter Linyin, which is RMB25, that makes a total of RMB45...!!! which I think it was a rip off....!!!!

After that I took bus no.7 to Yue Fei Mousoleum, not that you can see his body being displayed but he was suppose to be a national hero.

From here, we took a walk along the Xi Hu around the Xishou Shan, nice walk but it was really cool that day...!!!

Took another bus, No.2 back to Yanan Road, but told her the wrong name and we were being stopped on another place and had to trace back the direction...!!! Took us 20mins to get to Carrefour.

I then rush back to the hotel by 1630 to collect my bag and took a taxi off to the Hangzhou Grand Canal wraft for a ferry to Suzhou. The ferry left at 1730 and cost RMB94 per person for a 2 bed room.

Nice food I had in Hangzhou are, Screwed Lamb Satay, Smelly Tofu, Glutinous Rice and not to try a funky looking black coloured beef rice noodle.

Pro of Hangzhou - It easy to go around with bus
Con - I think its a very expensive City and it not worth the price.

Dec 24, 2003 09:00 PM Kuala Lumpur - Manila - Shanghai - Hangzhou

Kuala Lumpur - Manila - Shanghai - Hangzhou Wow, this long awaited trip has finally arrive and it took us almost 13 hours from my house to the hotel in Hanghou...!!!!

We departed from KLIA at 0730 on a close to 4 hors flight to Manila before departing to Shanghai Pudong at 1330. I arrived at 1530 at the airport but had to wait for 2 hours before the bus depart to Hangzhou.

The journey was about 2 hours plus but took us about 3 hours because of some stupid jam on the highway, we only manage to get into Hangzhou at about 2100. It was freezing and tired when we finally got out of the bus.

Checked into Gangwan Hotel which was along Yanan Road South. This is actually a very clean and nice hotel, I would recommend it since it was near a McDonald and Carrefour. I paid RM220 for a night stay. The only bad thing was the room are a little small and don't come with a bathtub.

Met up with a friend there, had some dumpling which was really good, we paid about RMB8 each for a bowl of Shrimp and duck dumpling. This restaurant is just located opposite Carrefour and opens till late, since I left about 2300.

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