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Friends from South Georgia's by wojtekd

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information about south-georgia-and-the-south-sandwi  GrytvikenSouth Georgia and the South Sandwi
It is hard to believe... King penguins and elephant seal in the distance of few meters. This is the charm of South Georgia...
Uploaded: Apr, 07 2006 | Taken: Mar, 04 2006| Viewed: 798 times  | 62 votes

terje - Apr, 07 2006 03:04pm
Interesting with photo from Grytviken, as there is some focus on the need for waste disposal on the island, leftovers from the whalers. What is your opinion?

isaacmolina - Apr, 07 2006 03:04pm
Incredible picture! You look a foreigner for them!

mistybleu - Apr, 07 2006 04:04pm
Cool picture; up close and personal!!!

isaacmolina - Apr, 07 2006 04:04pm
For some purists rating pics, this should award few points because the author is in it. But I think that this an exceptional and unique pic deserving the highest rating, 5 *.

mortimer - Apr, 07 2006 04:04pm
What I don't understand here is three comments and one vote?

isaacmolina - Apr, 07 2006 04:04pm
The first rating (5 points) was mine. I always accompany the pic comment with rating.

st.vincent - Apr, 07 2006 07:04pm
Great subject, great clarity, great photo.

marianne - Apr, 08 2006 03:04am
I think you have misunderstood the proposed photo guidelines and rating suggestions.

marianne - Apr, 08 2006 03:04am
First and foremost:
A travel photo tells its own story. It captures the atmosphere of the place and urges others to visit the place.

This is exactly what this photo does.
This is

marianne - Apr, 08 2006 03:04am
That is why I rated it 5* because "I could stare at this photo all day".
It is only family snapshots that don't belong here.

farnaz - Apr, 08 2006 05:04am
this is really a wonderful photo, such seens take place very rare, 5*,thanks for sahring it with us!

joe_schmidt - Apr, 08 2006 06:04am
Great scene! What a shot!

davidx - Apr, 08 2006 09:04am
I think I must be turning green with envy.

rangutan - Apr, 08 2006 10:04am
Wojciech = Dr. Doolittle? :-) You have many friends. Who loves animals and is trusted by them must be a natural traveller. I still can't get over this picture - it is one-in-a-million! Thank you.....

rangutan - Apr, 08 2006 01:04pm
......... I think the animals are asking us here in this special GLOBO conferance that we humans take better care of the earth and atmosphere and help them a lot more ..........

jesusferro - Apr, 08 2006 02:04pm
One of the most original fotos here in Globo

jorgesanchez - Apr, 08 2006 06:04pm
This photo has everything to deserve 5*: exotism, beauty, nature and hard reaching island, where only great travelers can get.

alfonsovasco - Apr, 09 2006 02:04pm
This foto is like a fairy tale

alfonsovasco - Apr, 09 2006 02:04pm
This foto is like a fairy tale

frenchfrog - Apr, 10 2006 01:04am
You were so lucky, to have them so near you, it will be my dream come true. Did you give them so food or anuthing, or did they come naturrally?

leillli - Apr, 20 2006 08:04am
fantastic!!didn't you scared?

trampi - Apr, 21 2006 01:04pm
Right time, right place... And it is not in the game park!

magsalex - Mar, 04 2007 11:03pm
Great shot with an element of humour..unusual, great timing..

shalini_md - Mar, 27 2007 12:03am
I saw this picture only today... its great! It must have been wonderful to be so close to them!

jenyenh - Mar, 27 2007 01:03am
wow this photo is amazing..wish I'm there

dantrenner - Jul, 04 2007 03:07am
Hilarious! Quite a conversation going on there.

treadlightly - Dec, 28 2007 01:12am
this picture makes me smile

aufgehts - Apr, 02 2008 04:04pm
I'm only just seeing this picture for the first time and it made me laugh and wish I was there, too. It's a rare thing to be able to interact with wildlife on that close a scale, in such a remote place. Kudos!

basia - Apr, 18 2008 09:04am
An excellent picture !!!

karlakern - Jul, 23 2008 10:07am
I agree with all you! Is a incredible picture! I like so much! =) I happy for you and the beautiful and special Nature!!! ;)*****

here-i-come - Jul, 23 2008 06:07pm
My 1st response...AwwwwW... what a sight, awesome!!! I called my wife over too and she just stood and got fixated... I whispered, put it on the list too.. we shall see down by New Zealand OK? ...:))

My 5* period. ;)

shervin19 - Jul, 26 2011 03:07pm
Cool picture, you must take care :)

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