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Wojciech's Travel log

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You can lose everything, but nobody will take away what you saw and what you experienced...

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Jul 03, 2024 10:00 PM Full day in Stockholm

Full day in Stockholm Low cost airlines sometimes offer very cheap prices. I was lucku to find 12 euro tickets Gdansk to Stockholm Arlanda. My 17-years old grandson Jabob was happy when offered his air excursion to the capital of Sweden. We departed at 6 am, landed at 7 am and had plenty of time till 11 pm (retirn flight departure) to visit Stockholm. The main expense was the electric train to Stockholm station: I paiid 420 SEK for round trip, but the grandson was travelling with me for free! We enjoyed the canals, old town and museums. Most of them offer free entry to the kids younger than 18. Finally we yse water thram to visit the canals (Stockholm is located on the islands). We had great day!

Jun 17, 2024 10:00 PM I cannot upload pictures to GS!

Something bad is going on GS. When I upload the pic only the title of the picture appears on GS. I sent a report to admin and... Nothing.... Help please!

May 02, 2024 08:00 PM Constitution Day in Poland

Constitution Day in Poland It is lovely spring day in Gda?sk. Poles celebrate today National Holiday. There are many white &red flags in the streets. The flag appeared also in my Wojtkówka. Apple trees around are still in blossom - it is one of the greatest views during the year. I am expecting a visit of other travellers.

Apr 29, 2024 08:00 PM Friends in Wojtkówka

Friends in Wojtkówka I enjoy wonderful spring time in my dacha. It is the blossom time. At the same time I have a lot of work. Every day I am putting seeds into the ground, planting also cabbages, califlowers and much, much more. My dear friends are visiting me for the tea and a glass of wine (it was St. Wojciech's day on the 23rd of April. Sorry, I suspended writting - garden works have priority now :)

Apr 18, 2024 08:00 PM Again in sunny Barcelona...

Again in sunny Barcelona... Bye, bye "Grandiosa"! I was ashore already at 9 am. Imagine 5 big passenger ships docking one by one. And imagine crowd of disembarking tourists trying to find the transport to the city, long lines of the people waiting for buses and taxis... My decision eas very quick: I will walk with all my luggage. And I did! I crossed Europa Bridge, then turned to Columbus column and then went along Avenida Paralel to Plaza Espana. It is a distance - I was walking with some stops 1,5 hours... Good exercise! On exit from Plaza Espana there is stop of city bus 46 going th the airport. Is is rare bird, so allow enough time for waiting. Driver do not accept cash payment, but you can use your credit card to pay 2,55 euros fare. Many stops on the route, many traffic lights. Then, after some 40 minutes bus is reaching Terminal 2 (check in advance your terminal number - it is important!) the distance to T1 needs another 10 minutes of driving. Security check was very smooth Bravo! I was on time at the gate. After 3 hours in the air I landed on Warsaw. Uuuu... Rain and only 8 deg Celsius. I am waiting for connection to Gdansk. The big voyage (more than 2 months!) is almost over...

Apr 17, 2024 08:00 PM Walking Valencia

Walking Valencia Valencia - the third largest city in Spain has a big port. We are docking far from any terminal. People from the ship offer a shuttle bus to the center for 12 dollars round trip but it is too much for budget traveller. Nobody on the ship will tell you that from the pier there is free shuttle bus to the ferry terminal and from there you can use city bus no. 4 to get for just 1.5 euro to the central square (Ajuntamiento). But I decided to walk, to see on the way Science & Art Center - the group of the buildings of fantastic, modern architecture housing also famous oceanoghaphic museum. Since my last visit they add here new objects - lt looks very impressive but be ready to pay 34 euro for the last expensive entry tickets. Then I was walking palm- fringed avenidas to Plaza del Toros (today there was police show with motocycles and horses instead of bulls) going onward I reached old town and central square with nice fountain
Only here I round tourist info office and got a city map. Nothing like that at the cruise ships! Shame on you, beautiful Valencia! Bells ringing at 12 found me on the cathedral square. Imagine long line of the tourists, waiting for the entrance to the cathedral... But I like Valencia anyway. Tomorrow in the morning I waill be disembarking the ship in Barcelona... See you soon!

Apr 15, 2024 08:00 PM Malaga to Mijas for just 10 dollars!

Malaga to Mijas for just 10 dollars! At the breakfast table I enjoyed a great sunrise over the mountains surrounding Spanish Malaga. I like this port - it is tourist - friendly and offers nice views including cathedral and Gibralfaro fortress. Some 35 kms from Malaga there is nice township of Mijas famous of its beauty, donkey carts and colorful ceramic... Guys from the ship offers bus tour to Mojas for 70 euro. I decided to go there using local transport. I was already on the land when my phone was ringing. What a pleasant surprise! My old friend Sveta living here recognized from my travellog that I am here was ready to meet me and to be my guide to Mihas!. I met her later at railway station and we took a train to Fuengirola (3,5 euro one way) and then a bus 122 to Mijas (1,5 euro - 25 min in the nice landscape).
Mijas lies 400 m plus above sea and offers great panoramas, chapel cut in the rock, remains of castillo and hundreds white houses decorated with flowers and ceramic. Patient burros (donkeys) carts are waiting to drive you around for 15 eu (1 pax) or 20 euros (2 pax) There are also horse carts. You van visit also other old churches and small Plaza del Toros. Mijas - the white town offers great atmosphere. What a wonderful day!. Thank you Sveta and Oleg for beeing there with me! As you can see you can have an interesting excursion for just 10 USD!

Apr 13, 2024 08:00 PM Casablanca - by train to Jadida

Casablanca - by train to Jadida Lovely morning under the blue sky in Casablanca. I have been here many times so I plan to see something new - a coastal town of Jadida - south of Casablanca. Round trip train ticket from Casa Port station costs just 70 dirhams - like 7 dollars. I spent in the crowded train 1, 5 hours. Just let you know that Gare Jadida is 5 kms from the old city. It is for me walking distance but due to shortage of time I decided to share the taxi. It cost 10 dirhams od 1 dollar.
They dropped me at the gate of Mazagan - Portuguese fortres built in 16 century. What a surprise! The fortress is now on the UNESCO world heritage list! Nice place! Great views! It was a good idea to go there. An excursion for just 9 dollars - entry is free!

Apr 11, 2024 08:00 PM Welcome back to Europe!

Welcome back to Europe! After 8 days in the empty Atlantic Ocean I am back in Europe. Exactly on the Tenerife Island, sometimes considered to be a part of Africa. The ground is still rocking under my feets... The internet server in the tourist office is down so I went to the huge public library (opposite the mercado NS de Africa) to use the free internet. The ship departs to Casablanca at 5 pm so I will have also a time for the lovely afternoon walk around Santa Cruz, where the temperature is 28 deg. Celsius. I have new friends met on the ship - interesting travellers from Canada, USA and... Poland - I invited them to visit my Wojtkówka in the summer. On Monday we will be passing Gibraltar again... I still have a great time!

Apr 09, 2024 08:00 PM Captain Raffaele

Captain Raffaele Aha, they announced the cocktail for the frequent MSC passengers for today. I have been invited too! They offered drinks, music and the performance of our professional dancers. Also image screening on the huge celling of the galleria. After the celebration I had a chance to meet our captain Raffaele. When I introduced myself he was surprised that there is a passenger aboard who visited 234 countries and territories (all of them). He congratulated me and we had an informal picture taken. He is probably my 40th captain!

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