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Uluru The city of Pontifex Maximus 
First of all, let me explain my cryptic title. The Pontifex Maximus refers to the highest priest of... more

Uluru When in Rome 
Rome is one of the most spectacular cities I've visited. Historic, romantic, beautiful, confronting... more

Uluru The eternal city revisited 
The bad news: traffic rules are more strict - you have to wear a helmet on motorbikes, fasten seatbe... more

Uluru My memories from Rome 
Rome is a huge city and it can be best seen from one of the seven hills. It's a good idea to go to o... more

Uluru Christmas In Italy 
Flying into Rome, the half hour train ride from DaVinci airport to the city was fairly easy to acces... more

Uluru Rome in a rush 
Rome wasn’t built in a day,goes the old adage, and we discovered it cannot be visited in one eithe... more

Uluru Rome dec 2011 - jan 2012 

A city with many inhabbitants and even an enourmous number of visitors

Uluru What is it about Rome? 
The evidence is all around you even right in the centre of Rome, even if it's in various stages of b... more

Uluru Cappuccino and the Colosseum 
With the intent of visiting a friend studying abroad, I travelled to the Eternal City for one week w... more

La Bella Roma 
My 4th visit to Rome for the same 3 days in May was as splendid as ever. The main reason for the tri... more

Uluru Rome - Fall of 2003 
We visited Rome in October of 2003. During the last two years we took vacations through Tuscany, Lig... more

Ancient ferraris and other things Roman 
It's big and bustling, yet it's just a small sideway into an alley and you're suddenly somewhere dif... more

Uluru City with style but watch out for waiters... 
See Rome and then die. This is a Dutch saying and since I've seen Rome I should be ready to die. Wel... more

La Bella Roma 
I trully enjoyed Rome. It was not as clean as I maybe imagined but it was lovely. Just walking aroun... more

My Favorite audio tour 
If you like to walk around and enjoy atmosphere of Rome, personal audio tour is the best thing to bu... more


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