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mayankbid Banaue - A travel report by Mayank
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Banaue,  Philippines - flag Philippines -  Ifugao
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mayankbid's travel reports

tHe 8tH woNdeR

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its better known as the 8th wonder of the world. its weird. this place is as rural as a place could be. it's such a paradox. u'd expect commercialization to take over beauty spots on maps. this one is an exception. a beautiful one...

just reached bataad terraces...
just reached bataad terraces...
our Filipino classmates tell us that it is better known as the eighth wonder of the world - the world famous Banaue rice terraces. they say it is very close to Sagada, the haven of marijuana in the Philippines. those who have been to Banaue press us to consider it instead of a beach. It's very cheap po. You won't spend more than 5000 pesos for a week. That's also stretching it. (Pesos is the currency of the Philippines and Po is the Filipino equivalent of ji in India.) There are lots of hotels. You won't need any booking. Take it easy. Just get there and you're good. The mountains were divided into layers. All of them. From our hotel, there were many small mountains side-by-side. So, the view was even more stunning because it looked like a sea of these stepped mountains. Even if the terraces were natural, they were marvelous to look at - these after all were man-made. I think it's this fact that made them even more attractive.

Favourite spots:
the view from bataad. and ofcourse, my sexy roommate :)
the view from bataad. and ofcourse, my sexy roommate :)
my favorite spot was the balcony of my humble hotel. can't call it a hotel really. it's like a village house...somethng like that. tough to describe. but overlooks the village and the rice terraces... view point is beautiful in the rains. the view from simon's restaurant is nirvanic. can't miss this ever. oustanding.

What's really great:
local chaps. dont ever cheat them. they are too innocent...
local chaps. dont ever cheat them. they are too innocent...
the people are the bestest. no qualms. easy going. the best weather. cheap hotels and travel and great company...

most of them are quite cheap. if you're alone you can get something for 150-300 ($3-$6) pesos easily. a room for 2 can cost between 500-800 pesos. banaue view inn is where i stayed. my favorite and the best place. the best view.

my suggestion would be to stay at simon's restaurant. that's in bataad. very cheap. beds available for 100 also. very clean and the best view ever..

solitary chuckee boy, karan
solitary chuckee boy, karan
this doesn't exist. gets dark early. stack up on drinks. and arrange for some fire. probably the best way to celebrate the dark. dont expect a manila affair around here. infact, if that's what you want, you shouldn't have come here in the first place. now that you're here, enjoy the silence and the warmth :)

las vegas is where i ate most of the time. the most famous joint. there are others in the same line. but most of these restaurants have vegetarian as well as non-veg. so dont worry about it..

Other recommendations:
apu and hitesh...doing the zulu dance
apu and hitesh...doing the zulu dance
i'm sure you'll bitch during the trek to bataad, but it's worth it. you'll wanna dance once you've conquered the mountain. check these lil children out. they came, they saw and they danced :)

Published on Monday May 22th, 2006

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Tue, Mar 27 2007 - 04:11 PM rating by biya67

interesting and informative report- good information on accomodations and pricing- pictures are good as well!

Sat, May 27 2006 - 11:00 AM rating by mistybleu

Maynak, a cool report

Fri, May 26 2006 - 09:14 AM rating by rangutan

A very colourful and nicely "blown out" report! Very good tips for some.

Wed, May 24 2006 - 08:16 AM rating by st.vincent

Nice report to read, interesting story

Tue, May 23 2006 - 01:10 AM rating by marianne

Welcome to GLOBO and good of you to start writing straight away. The paddy field are so very beautiful. I saw them for the first time in Indonsia and it is a sight I will never forget. That's why I like your photo of them so very much, a beautiful reminder. Maybe you could add a bit more detail for travellers who want to go there themselves.

Tue, May 23 2006 - 01:00 AM rating by esfahani

Welcome to Globo! - I like the report very much, Thanks for that!

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