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Barcelona - A travel report by Hugh
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Barcelona,  Spain - flag Spain
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Sagrada Familia - Temple of Mystery

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The Temple Expiatori Sagrada Familia is a symbol of the city of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. At this time it consists of two facades, eight bell towers, a forest of columns; a building site moving industriously if slowly toward completion.

A growing wonder
A growing wonder
It is possible to reach the building by several of the tourist friendly transport systems of Barcelona. We came on the tourist bus that links several of the principal tourist attractions of the city. Our first sighting of the towers was as of great corn ears sprouting from the surrounding greenery. Appropriately this impression matches the architect’s design strategy; he borrows many of the structural forms of the building from nature. The great discovery of Antoni Gaudi is the trunk and branch-like column that supports the nave roofs.
This temple is his life’s work, obsession, masterpiece and eventually home, before he was killed in a street car accident in 1926.
On the Nativity façade, there is a riot of natural beauty and even a smiling turtle supporting the massive pillar on his shell. A very enthusiastic record of this scene is to be found in the writing of Shirlyann Costigan at (type sagrada familia in the search slot)

Favourite spots:
Smiling strength
Smiling strength
The passion facade is a good point for reflection: This temple is a most fitting symbol of the city from which wo/man, led by Columbus set out for the new world and eventually to the moon. In contrast this is a journey to the "within" of all things.The structural calculations were converted to algorithms, by suspending a multiplicity of weights from a series of cord supports Much of the fabric is drawn directly in imitation of natural forms: the oldest load bearing designs on the planet that were even available to our ancestors prior to the old stone age. The cryptogram is a puzzle to excite the minds of all comers. The man of science http://www.markfarra-r finds it worthy of study while those who hold Christian belief are reminded of the very young age at which Christ ended / began? His life’s work. You can see how the scene will appear long after I am dead on click on architectuture, temple, and finally model.

What's really great:
Forest of Columns
Forest of Columns
This place was the highlight of a stay of only four days in Barcelona. Many of the sights we saw, the sounds we heard, the food we ate and the beds that we slept in were also memorable experiences. Our home was at Princessa Catalonia, a very old building, beautifully restored at Rec Comtal beside Arco do Triunfo: Good rooms, very helpful staff and great value in the restaurant for dinner. address: Rec Comtal 16-18 , 08003 ,Barcelona Spain.

Barcelona welcomes tourists and gives directions and times of travel within the city on http://www.barcelonaon-line. and more specialist : (use MS internet explorer and in the home tmb screen click on "I want to got to")

We felt very safe walking at night from the Plaza Catalunya (where shopping is very pleasant in the evening) through well-lighted streets to our hotel.

Taxis were reasonably priced with courteous and helpful drivers.

Sagrada Famiulia Cryptogram
Sagrada Famiulia Cryptogram
First of all make sure to provide lots of time for Sagrada Familiia.

The Gothic Bari is full of narrow streets and surprises. The Palau de la Música is another unforgettable location with one of the best guided tours I have ever experienced. The building is full of light, of glass and ceramic extravagant but sybollically relevant decoration and the acoustics are great. It is worth searching for angles to view the exterior of thebuilding among its crowding neighbours.

Epic Opera sculpture overentrance of Palau de la Música
Epic Opera sculpture overentrance of Palau de la Música
The Hotel Catalonia Princessa at Rec Comtal beside the Arco do Triunfo is located within walking distance of Plaza Catalunya and is close to the Metro Station. Good Taxi services at very reasonable rates are called by the staff and arrive promptly

Hotel Catalonia Princesa
Hotel Catalonia Princesa
All possible tastes in restaurants are catered for in this city. The listings are helpfully classified under price ranges. The experience of the more expensive one chosen in our case was of very attentive service but overall not quite worth the money. Recommendation should be sought.

The restaurant in the hotel provided excellent dinner for only€14 per person including wine. A very good experience.

Eating on the hoof during the day was best catered for by Pans & Co. Many outlets including Ramblas and at the airport. Lots of healthy options.

Other recommendations:
Columbus turns over a new leaf
Columbus turns over a new leaf
Epople Espanya village of architecture was a great experience of good value, unique souvenirs, good lunch and excellent taxi service.

All of the sea-front with its statue of Columbus is full of variety.

Published on Monday November 29th, 2004

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Thu, Oct 20 2005 - 10:42 AM rating by toribio


Wed, Mar 02 2005 - 02:48 PM rating by krissie

great page; will be in bcn in 3 weeks :-)

Mon, Dec 06 2004 - 11:16 AM rating by fieryfox

A very interesting report which I enjoyed reading. Keep up the good work.
Cheers, Farizan.

Sat, Dec 04 2004 - 04:25 AM rating by britman

I enjoyed this report very much. Had you completed the additional sections on Pubs(Bars, Tapas Bars etc.,) and Clubs (I know that can be a difficult part) I would have given this 5 stars. Tremendous first report - keep them coming - please!

Fri, Dec 03 2004 - 09:46 PM rating by gloriajames

hi Hugh!! well done...well worth waiting! cant wait for your next one!

Fri, Dec 03 2004 - 12:18 PM rating by rangutan

Wonderfull, one of my favourite cities well described!

Mon, Nov 29 2004 - 08:04 PM rating by picasso

Wow,what a research Hugh you had made about
This masterpiece architectural wonder
I lot of valuable information.

Thank you Hugh for your report
And my congratulations with your first one!!!!!
To tell you frankly it is a Great One *****


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