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nico Bieszczady - A travel report by Nico
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Bieszczady,  Poland - flag Poland -  Podkarpackie
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Bieszczady History and Tourism

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First information about presence of people in the Bieszczady Mountains came from the third millennium before Christ. We also know that about year 1000 BC the agricultural peoples of łużycka culture appeared here and at the beginning of our age the Celts

In gallery
In gallery
History Since the time of the first Piast Dynasty until the first half of 14-th century, the present territories of Bieszczady Mountains were the part of the Ruthenian statehood , at the beginning part of Ruś Kijowska and after its downfall – part of separate the Halickie Principality. In 1340 the Romanowicze Dynasty expired and Rus Halicka was taken by the King Kazimierz Wielki. It was the time of vigorous action of settlement conducted by people of the gentry, who were endowed with land in Bieszczady Mountains. Similar action was also conducted by royal starosts from Sanok and Przemyśl. It was the time when substantial majority of places of the Bieszczady Mountains appeared. By the first partition of Poland in 1772, the whole mountain borderland with the Bieszczady Mountains was captured by the Austrian reign. In the Bieszczady Mountains the Nazi Occupation was relatively not so severe as it was in other regions of Poland. The Polish resistance movement focused in the territory of towns; much deeper in the mountains, where the Poles were in minority, the combat trails of redeployment to Hungary were only functioning. In 1942 the Germans exterminated the Jews of the Bieszczady Mountains. The saddest times in the history of the Bieszczady Mountains were the years of 1945-1947. Those were years of battles with the Ukraine Insurrectionary Army, which ended with complete displacement of people during the “Wisła” action. After deportation of the Ukraine people, the majority of territory of the Bieszczady Mountains was uninhabited. Only the building of the dam in Solina, which ended in 1968, permanently changed the landscape of the north of the Bieszczady Mountains and created for this region new perspectives for development, and attracted the masses of tourists. Recently the inhabitants of the Bieszczady Mountains are more and more focused on the service for tourists. By the main tracks, shops and season outlets for tourists spring up like mushrooms.

Favourite spots:
Cross on Tarnica 1346 meters
Cross on Tarnica 1346 meters
Thanks to eventful past of the Bieszczady Mountains, many wooden Orthodox churches were left. There is even a route while going you are able to visit those beautiful constructions. During summer it is worth of seeing and going by narrow-gauge railway of the Bieszczady Mountains, the beginning of which is in marvelous Cisna. Worth of seeing is natural history museum as well in Ustrzyki Dolne, where you are able to see which species of animals “visit” the Bieszczady Mountains. For those who like to admire old architecture, a very interesting place to visit is an open-air ethnographic museum in Sanok.

What's really great:
On the Solina lake
On the Solina lake
And for those who absolutely love mountains tremendous routes for pedestrians and for horses wait, and during wintertime ski runs as well. You just have to climb the highest summit of the Bieszczady Mountains – TARNICA 1346 meters above sea level. Places worth of seeing are also: the Wetlińska Mountain Pasture, the Caryńska Mountain Pasture, Wielka Rawka, Kremenaros, where the borders of three states meet. While walking through the Bieszczady Mountains routes, you may visit many marvelous and full of soul mountain hostels. In many places/towns in Bieszczady amazing eateries wait, such as “Siekierezada” in Cisna, where in every table an enormous axe is dug. It is worth to mention that many artists form Poland found in the Bieszczady Mountains places for creating their performance. That is why many times you are able to see many galleries. Let me invite you to visit this charming spot of Poland.

Wetlińska Mountain Pasture in winter
Wetlińska Mountain Pasture in winter
Now in Bieszczady you have many smal hostels, camping and big hotels. More is especially around the Solińskie Lake, in almost every house the accommodation of better or worse standard or at least spaces for tents on the homestead meadows are offered.

Pub Siekierezada in Cisna
Pub Siekierezada in Cisna
Pubs in Wetlina, Cisna and in gallery are nice pleace to nightlife. In Wetlina you have pub BAZA LUDZI Z MGLY where people talk about his mountain trip, in Cisna where you go to SIEKIEREZADA many people tell ypu about history off Bieszczady and his own history.

Published on Monday November 12th, 2007

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