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willow Buenos Aires - A travel report by willow
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Buenos Aires,  Argentina - flag Argentina -  Distrito Federal
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willow's travel reports

The most perfect breasts in the world (and great shopping too).

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Buenos Aires travelogue picture
Buenos Aires is a modern and chic city with all of the advantages and disadvantages of such. Unlike its nearest rival, Santiago Chile, it's not plagued by incessant pollution. Cities on the ocean rarely are. The sky is blue, the winters are mild and the people are beautiful and reasonably friendly.

There is something for everyone, from Tango in La Boca to the very impressive cemetary where Evita (Eva Peron) was buried. There are also numerous artisans, clubs, pubs, shopping areas, historically significant areas and too much to include in a small report! (Plaza de Mayo pictured)

Favourite spots:
Buenos Aires travelogue picture
For the average tourist, Buenos Aires is a cheap paradise for shopping and cuisine. I myself spent $50 USD on a large quantity of bras, lace underwear and socks. The same underwear cost $35 USD in the states, $7 USD in New Zealand or about $3 USD here. Leather, shoes, fashion in general is high on looks and low on price. There are unbelievable quantities of chic for pennies on the dollar.

A fun place to stroll, pick up some art and watch a Tango show is La Boca. It's a very colorful area of B.A. I had a fantastic time and even danced a tango!

What's really great:
Buenos Aires travelogue picture
For the guys- there is an unbelievable quantity of beautiful girls with beautiful bodies and breasts significantly larger than in other S. American countries I've seen (other countries have more of a butt focus). The advantage of this in tightly packed discos leaves men melted on the floor. After leaving the Museum (see clubs) , a friend was having a difficult time breathing..."I'm in love", he said. "Which one?" I queried, to which he disolved into a puddle on the floor. His last words were, "All of them!" Don't feel too bad for him. It was an end that men dream of. At one point in the evening, he had stars in his eyes- I looked around and discovered that we were in the middle of a circle of 12 stunning women with bouncing fantastic breasts all dancing with each other. For my part, I wondered what had happened to all of the men. Disproportionate odds, I'd say. (Cemetary where Evita is buried, pictured)

The Museum is a club in Buenos Aires designed by the same architect that designed the eiffel tower in Paris. Inside it's amazing. The first floor is wide open with some very posh looking tables with chairs draped in white fabric looking very chic at the far end (all reserved) and bars to the left and the right. The ceiling is three stories high, with two more levels lining the sides so that people can look down on the crowds. From the center of the high ceiling at either end are two large chandeliers of soft lights with lots of drapey material, one large disco ball between them and some soft hanging white Christmas icicle type lights to provide extra atmosphere. Someone said that without the tables it can fit up to 5000 people, but with them about 1500 people was about average. Imagine being in a club out of cool movies with about 1500 beautiful chic young executives and generally beautiful people. You could fall in love 100 times over in one night.

Try any of the restaurants down by the waterfront. There are some good lunch specials and the seafood is fantastic. Be prepared to dress up a bit- backpacker shabby will make you feel like a homeless person in these beautiful places!

Published on Sunday December 28th, 2003

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Mon, Oct 02 2006 - 02:42 PM rating by mrscanada

Thanks for the memories. I couldn't believe how cheap the leather was here. I keep wondering if Argentina was better off with the Perons!

Tue, Jan 04 2005 - 10:16 PM rating by sonalsapiens

Oh - so that's why I've always wanted to visit BA... How long was your stay?

Wed, Sep 29 2004 - 09:08 PM rating by picasso

Geat,funny and informative.I allways wanted to visit B.A.,maybe next year after reading your report.Men,I want to to a littile move on tango with .......

Keep it up,and best of travel with wonderful memories form:

Mon, Aug 09 2004 - 04:09 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

i like your article very much abt buenous aires ,apart from article i liked the heading of this article too..

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