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mosicafe Casablanca - A travel report by mosicafe
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Casablanca,  Morocco - flag Morocco -  Casablanca
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mosicafe's travel reports

Love In Casablanca Morocco

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My love story in casablanca started with a textile teacher lady in her 30ies a casablanca beautiful girl white as atlas snow ,active & energetic as atlantic coastal waves, calm soft and sweet as night as summer beach sun!!! get one,

hassan2 mosque
hassan2 mosque
talking about casablanca, will never end, it is a very beautifull huge city where you can get everything you contain many variety of products and it is considered as the economical capital of Morocco because it has the biggest port ( casaport) and areoport (aeroport med v) about few Km far from the city centre.
the first thing that comes to mind to everyone once he heard " casablanca" is the famous movie: love in casablanca...everybody like it and it gives a romantic image to casablanca...actually if it happen and u decide to visit casa ( short name ) u will be dispointed at first sight, is not romantic at all...its a very noisy crowded poluted with aheavey trafic Jam and high rate of road accident....this is the 1st ugly face of casablanca, the second ugly face is about safety, the existance of poor communities living in "bidonvilles" create a danger to others,rate of jobless youth, rate of drug smagglers,theives...BUT THE LOVE IN CASABLANCA STILL GOING ON

Favourite spots:
sidi rahal beach
sidi rahal beach
must weak up early at about 5:30 and take a cab to casaport fish market will be amazed, i like the fresh prwon with egg and tea with minth, and the fried " al farkh" !!! perfect u will leave this place belly full

sidi rahal:
the best beach ever see a primitive place as natural as 100 years ago...a very large and long rock platform that gave you safe swiming area...wide beach to play any kind of sports
Ain diab:
the beach most crowded in morocco with all sort of poeple where can get a match in a few hours,many young moroccan guys and girls looking arround, get there for a hot date...night life is very much good...
Jotia derb ghalleff:
if you like to buy new things and cheap,everything is there , its a very crowded place, but i like it as long as no one pick pocket my money ...lolz
mosque hassanII:
a very big mosque, that was built to show hassan II genereusity, kindness and how humble he WAS.

What's really great:
fresh frigh fish at casaport at 6 morning !!!!!with tea with mint

where to stay? its not that difficult to get an accomodation in casablanca, but must do it early daytime in order to have a variety of places to see...or just a taxi driver to drive you to the nearest cheap hotel or hostel
many five start hotel are available...

too many clubs in morocco, but the best is CLUBMED i did went for a holidays with them...its perfect for singles or family as well

Published on Thursday October 28th, 2004

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Sat, Apr 09 2005 - 02:53 AM rating by magic_eye

hi....going thru your report felt like having been taken to casa and let loose to fend for myself :) fun!

Fri, Oct 29 2004 - 11:23 PM rating by marianne

It would be nice if you gave more information. This way your report is only half finished and of not much use to fellow travellers.

Fri, Oct 29 2004 - 08:56 AM rating by wojtekd

Is there "Le Cafe Americaine" in Casa?

Fri, Oct 29 2004 - 04:16 AM rating by ravinderkumarsi

hii mosi,
well i have heard a lot about htis place ,but yours report is partial

Thu, Oct 28 2004 - 11:27 PM rating by gloriajames

hiya... cant wait for you to write more details .... heard that it is such a romantic place and made famous in movies... so perhaps you should spice it up with more info... btw it is hard to give a rating when your report is incomplete..:( cheers gj

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