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caribcolors Curacao - A travel report by Bea
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Curacao,  Netherlands Antilles - flag Netherlands Antilles
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caribcolors's travel reports

Carnival on Curacao

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Try to write a litlle bit of history about the Carnival on Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Caribbean. It is so colorful and people from all age are enyo it very much...

Lovely colors
Lovely colors
At first the wealthy plantation owners, traders and business people of the Caribbean region held fancy balls after the example of the high society in their motherlands. They would dress up stately, wear wigs and put on masks.The slaves and their descendants would hold their own little carnivals in their backyards using their own rituals, costumes and folklore. At times they would imitate their master’s behavior at masked balls.As they got more freedom of self expression the working class took their celebration to the streets.

On Curaçao, there was a very unique development of Carnival for the Dutch colonists had their characteristic way of celebrating carnival, the immigrants of Asiatic lands had theirs, the Creole middle class in the city held private balls within their social societies and the people from the Eastern Caribbean islands, which had immigrated to the island to work in the oil refinery, brought with them their form of Carnival parties and street parades in their residential areas to the model back home.

After mid 20th century all these influences started to merge together and melt down into one huge national cultural expression on the island that features people from almost fifty different nationalities.With the insertion of Tumba (the island’s typical music form) as the official music form to be promoted and played and the media coverage of almost every important event, Carnival without a doubt became the biggest and most important cultural manifestation of Curaçao.Here Carnival is a celebration in a class of its own. It more or less takes full possession of the whole community through competitions (Tumba music and Calypso festivals), beauty pageants, private and public parties and street parades during the first weeks of the year climaxing on the weekend and Tuesday preceding the Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent.

All Head-dress, shoes and other dressing are hand made by a lot of people who work on it for almost 1 year.

It is a lot of work

Favourite spots:
Looking at the start at the Carnival so everybody is stil waiting to get started

What's really great:
Having fun
Having fun
Looking after all the colorful people from all ages who are having a lots of fun

It is a lovely friendly island in the Caribbean

Published on Wednesday February 3th, 2010

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Sat, Feb 06 2010 - 05:31 PM rating by mistybleu

This has the makings of a great report, but it is a little short; I love the pictures added, it really give a good sense of carnival.

Thu, Feb 04 2010 - 06:44 AM rating by jacko1

A very interesting, and indeed, colourful, report Bea.

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